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dogi magi

Dogi Profile (Toushin Toshi)Edit

The self-proclaimed combat tournament favorite, Dogi is a tough guy who isn't afraid to pick a fight. He's quite ugly, but telling him that to his face can earn one a beating with his large axe. In Toushin Toshi he takes quite a liking to Kumiko, eager to beat Custom in the tournament so he can have his way with her. Dogi's partner is Mani, a blond-haired girl who likes strong men.
The first time Custom and Dogi meet, it is in a bar before the tournament. Dogi beats Custom up, but in the first round of the tournament, Custom gets his revenge.

Dogi Magi Profile (Toushin Toshi 3)Edit

Dogi profile

Dogi's profile from AliceSoft's Toushin Toshi 3 site

While TT3 is most likely set in an alternate universe, Dogi's personality and plot remains mostly unchanged, except for his relationship to his partner Mani. This time, it is Nakuto who he beats up out of the tournament, Hazumi whom he lusts after and Remedia who steps in to help. In the end, he is also defeated in the first round of the tournament.

Dogi appears for a short while later in the game and attempts to take revenge on Nakuto for humiliating him and separating Mani from him due to the 3 years forced labour law, but he is once again easily defeated. He does not appear in the plot after that.

Appearances Edit

Toushin Toshi Edit

A participant in the tournament.

Toushin Toshi 3 Edit

A participant in the tournament.

Rance X Edit

He appears in part 2. He leads a bandit group and sends Rocky to fight the El Party. Rocky betrays him after he learns the leader of the El Party is Rance's child and Dogi fights them.


  • In a sketch of Rance IX the character Bound Less would supposely had Dogi's appearance.