Doodle Beast
rakugaki kemono



A Doodle Dog in Rance VI.

Doodle Beasts are incredibly strange and amorphous organisms created through unnatural means. They don't follow rules that are usually established upon regular mortals, being creatures spontaneously created by other living beings rather than following the regular cycle of birth and death.

In appearance, these bizarre creatures look like really bad drawings graffitied in the air and given life. They are usually awful and messy, as if its artist was a kid mediocrely painting with the most basic tools. Similar to Insects, they don't have Souls, since they are created by other mortals, usually through rare forms magic or other abnormal abilities. Very few individuals possess the ability to create these creatures, though it is not a skill exclusive for humans, as some monsters like the Sketch are known for this power. Because they lack a soul, they also lack rational thoughts, acting only on insticts or following their creator's orders.

They can vary immensely in type and appearance, since it depends on its artist, but they should not be underestimated for their odd looks, since some of them can prove to be really powerful foes. When they attack or move, their body structure is usually greatly deformed in the process, but it goes back to their regular appearance immediately without issues. While they are not technically monsters, since they were not created by the Gods or follow the Antagonist Race, they are still labeled as such by Humans since they are typically hostile.

Types of Doodle BeastsEdit