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Double Hanny
Japanese ダブルハニー
Romanization daburu hanī
Race Haniwa
Sex Male
Class Hanny
World The Continent
Strength Medium-High
Appeared in Toushin Toshi 1, Rance III, Toushin Toshi 2, Rance 03, Daibanchou, Daiakuji}}


The Double Hanny is considered a sub-species within the Haniwa race. A rare mutation, Double Hannies are created when two regular Hannies are melted and sticked together, fusing their molecular structure in the process and creating a single being as a result.

In appearance, they look like two hannies messly put together. The one on the right carries the trademark weapon of the Haniwa, the Trident, while the one on the left wields a flower. In their belly they carry a Japanese flag for some reason. The ones with the flower were originally peaceful and compassionate Hannies devoted to love and peace, while the ones with the Trident were originally of a more vicious nature that enjoyed fighting. While they keep individual thoughts, upon merging the Double Hannies also mix their thoughts with each other.

In battle, they are very powerful creatures. Because they are essentially two Hannies, they both act individually and allowing the Double Hanny to perform two actions in battle within a single turn. Their fighting style aside from that is the same as other Hannies, either attacking their enemies with physical attacks or by employing the Hanny Flash, a magical attack that ignores the enemies armor. The one with the flower has a lower physical attack. Additionally, if the two Hannies coincidentally or not decide to use the Hanny Flash, it combines into a deadlier version named "Double Hanny Flash". These Hannies are rare, but very powerful and can give adventurers a very nasty time.