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The Dragonian is the title of the master of the Crescent Moons and the source of the Blades's power. Indeed, when the Dragonian uses Dragon Synergy with someone (H's her), she is filled with great power known as SP (Sexual Power). This is particularly effective on those who have been previously trained in the teachings of the Crescent Moons ninja arts, as they become offical Blades. It should be noted however that though the Dragonian is trained in those arts as well, as he is to be the master of the Crescent Moons, his own physical powers remain mostly in the norm. However, the Dragonian can have a direct mental link to the Blades, giving them support and coordinating their efforts even in the middle of combat. The title of Dragonian is passed throughout the ages from father to son, with their family only ever having a single male child (though they can also have daughters).

History Edit

(Spoilers ahead)

As discovered during a ritual at Heaven's cave by Ikusabe Takamaru, the Dragonian's power does not come from Earth, but from a mysterious being that came here hundreds of years ago. On this other world that also had humans, it was a benevolent entity serving as a god to the populace while granting them gifts. Eventually however, humans starting asking for weapons, to "defend themselves" from other creatures, but quickly used them against each other as their world descended into war. The being took back its weapons, but the war raged on, until all was destroyed by it. Thus, he left his own world to arrive here, where he found humans like the ones he left behind. However, though they fought among each other as well, some possessed remorse over the continuous war and death. The being felt torn, not sure whether he should just watch in silence or destroy those who would bring death. Eventually, this indecision caused it to split in two, with one full of regret and benevolence becoming the Dragonian's power, and the other half full of rage and hatred for humans becoming Noroi. Both needed hosts to survive in their weakened state, and the former chose a strong, kind-hearted man and granting him enough power to create the Crescent Moons and stop Noroi, who seeked to destroy all humans to protect the other creatures of the world.

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