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Rance and Sill riding a carriage pulled by Cows.

is a skill level that indicates the talent and proficiency an individual possesses to operate and control the movement of a motorized machine or riding mounted over a living being. While the latter is called "Riding", it's the same skill level.

Since machinery for transportation is extremely rare in the current era of The Continent, driving skills is mostly refered for the ability to ride over animal-like creatures. The most common one seen is the Cow, a type of Insect that is easy to breed, can pull carriages with ease and is very easy to tame. They are not quite so fast but they are strong and serve as a safe and efficient transportation. They  are especially popular among traders and businessmen.

In JAPAN they use a type of bird of a blue plumage called Tebasaki. These are a bit harder to breed and tame, and are only raised in some climates and are therefore very rare. The only one that makes use of them is the Takeda House, who prove they can serve as excellent tools for war. Tebasakis are extremely fast and agile, providing a great advantage over their enemies. They are one of the reasons the Takeda House was considered one of the mightiest in JAPAN.

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Driving Lv1Edit

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