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Doll setup screen Edit

Dungeons & Dolls - Doll setup screen


Equipment tabs in top-down order:

  • Hair
  • Skin-wear (underwear, etc.)
  • Outerwear
  • Arm/weapon
  • Accessories

Doll stats:

Left column Right column
Attack power boost Nullify Area attack damage to doll for X times
+x% chance, y times
Nullify back attack damage for X times
Attack probability
+x% chance, y times
Prevent EXP-drain for X times
Stun probability
Prevent ambush for X times
+x% chance, y times

With +0% chance, the doll might still attack or stun the enemy with 5% probability (as displayed on an item). Your doll can attack and stun in the same turn.

You can change the equipped items for your doll anytime and anywhere you wishes (except during battle), it is best if you swapped your equipment periodically if you're going into dungeon for a long time, since ALL equipped items will be used up eventually, rendering them useless until you get out from the dungeon.

Note: Next to some doll items is a heart with a color. If you get all parts of the set of a color (not neccessarily having them equipped), you will get a special H-scene in the Home screen (the screen you are in before you go to a dungeon level). The H-scenes added are

  • Mikojou H (Mikojou parts)
  • Juugakuen H (Monster/Cat parts)
  • SM H
  • Maid H
  • Bunny H
  • Seifuku H (School uniform parts)
  • Xmas (Santa parts)

Acquiring Doll parts Edit

Doll parts are acquired from defeating gal monsters marks indicat. Each gal monster has a fixed number of parts dropped. What part will drop is usually random, the last part dropped by most types of gal monster is fixed. Note that the number in the parenthetical marks indicate how many more items the gal monster can drop.

Interesting part is that you can modify your doll as one of Rance VI main girl character.

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