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Elephant Bambara
Japanese 象バンバラ
Romanization zō banbara
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monster
World The Continent
Strength Medium-High
Appeared in Rance IV, Persiom, Rance 5D}}


Elephant Bambaras
are a race of Guy Monsters that look like hybrids between human males and elephants.

They were born from the Holy Gal Monster, Bezeleye. Many years ago, a power hungry scientist called Professor Bambara, managed to capture Bezeleye and forced her to copulate with Insects that resemble a lot to real-life elephants. By breeding with these insects, she gave birth to these creatures that the Professor named after himself as monster servants. It is unknown what happened with the scientist or with Bezeleye, but the Bambara became one of the many races of Guy Monsters that populate The Continent.

In appearance, they have an extremely large frame that resembles an exceedingly muscular and tall human man, but with the head of an elephant instead. They are large creatures with a giant body made up of a combination of fat and muscle. They only wear pants with nothing on top barring a pair of gloves on each hand, and they have an intimidating gaze that strikes deep fear into their enemies. 

Among the species that were created by Proffesor Bambara, the Elephant Bambaras are the most powerful thanks to their imposing physical strength. They are highly durable creatures, capable of extraordinary displays of strength while still being intelligent. Unlike many Monsters, they choose to fight by wielding weaponry even though they would be perfectly capable of fending themselves with just their fists. They are not particularly skilled however, and use mostly simple and straightforwards weapons like club or hammers, though these still boost their fighting ability making of them truly fearsome foes. In addition their opponents should be wary of their ability to shoot Fire Arrows or Water Missiles out of their trunks.