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Emperor Race
mikado rēsu

The Emperor Race is a contest in JAPAN devised by the goddess Amaterasu. It was created to balance the power of the Emperor granted by the Three Treasures and to provide entertainment for Ludo-Rathown. If the three treasures ever come into the possession of three different powerful individuals, Amaterasu officially declares the start of the Race to all twelve of its participants (which includes the three with the treasures) and grants them a note detailing the rules.

Rules Edit


The rules of the Emperor Race are as follows: all participants on the Emperor Note gain twenty points as well as all the points gathered by their opponent by defeating another participant in a clean, one on one duel. They can also gain a few points (between one and three) by defeating another powerful warrior. If a participant loses a duel, he is automatically eliminated from the Race.

Whoever wins the Race automatically obtains all three of the sacred treasures, granting him the title of Emperor of Japan.

Participants in Kenshin Route Edit

The Emperor Race is an event that happens during the Kenshin Route of Sengoku Rance, when Uesugi Kenshin, Oda Nobunaga and the mysterious Keikoku obtain the Emperor Sword, Headband and Ring respectively. Other participants include