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Huuuh...? I wouldn't do thaaat. It's just a coiiincidence you fell asleep after driiinking my tea.

—Eropicha, denying any ill will to Magic

Eropicha Nyanko
Japanese エロピチャ・ニャンコ
Romanization eropicha nyanko
Race Human
Age / Birth 17 / GI1004
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Magician, Student
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 4
Skill levels Magic Lv1, Conversation Lv1, Management Lv1
Appeared in Rance VI, Rance Quest

About Edit

Eropicha Nyanko is a magic student in the same grade as Magic The Gandhi. She is a powerful and talented mage, as she is somewhat famous for being her main rival for being top of their class even as Magic is known to be one of Zeth's most powerful mages. She seems to be experienced with chemicals, and has shown decent knowledge of sleeping drugs and alcohols. She has a tendency to slur her words, which combined with her general insouciance and constant smile makes her sound somewhat childish despite her personality being anything but.

Despite their rivalry, Eropicha spends a lot of her time hanging around and chatting with Magic, much to the latter's initial displeasure, as she suspects her friendliness to just be a ruse and that she really is trying to get an advantage in being at the top of their promotion. However as she meets Rance and starts having to deal with her father's nagging, the warrior's unparalleled libido and her own conflicted feelings over Rance and her boyfriend Alex, the confused Magic starts relying more and more on the advice provided by Eropicha, who is shown to be vastly more experienced in relationships and sexuality despite her homely appearance. Soon, Eropicha becomes Magic's sole confidante as she tries to get closer to Rance despite the obstacles in her way.

Still, it is entirely possible that Magic may have been somewhat right from the beginning that Eropicha was trying to gain an advantage over her, but perhaps not for the reason she suspected: as soon as Magic and Alex had their falling out, Eropicha was quick to start dating the somewhat clueless Alex, with much of Zeth now considering them to be a couple.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Eropicha is a short plump girl with long pink hair and sporting the same school uniform as Magic. She is almost constantly smiling and carefree no matter how dire the situation is.


Despite her innocent looks and attitude, Eropicha is really quite experienced with parties and sexuality, as she instantly recognized semen with absolutely no context and has extremely powerful alcohols in her possession. She is quite observant as she instantly saw through Rance's disguise when she spotted him in the Royal Museum, though for reasons all her own, she didn't mention the presence of a non-mage to anyone else (though it was probably because she thought he was cute).

Her personality is somewhat hard to determine for certain, as she shows off the appearance of a friendly and jovial girl to everyone, however her actions could easily be interpreted to have a more complex motive. If one assumes that she had a crush for Alex, it is quite possible that she intentionally advised Magic to increase her confidence and ensure that she chased after Rance, which led to her dumping Alex and giving Eropicha the window she was looking for. Additionally, Magic first grew closer to Rance when she feared that she was pregnant as her period was delayed, but as Eropicha has shown to be quite adept with different chemicals, she may very well have been responsible for Magic's delay. However this remains somewhat speculative as Eropicha's real plans remain completely private.

Abilities Edit

As the second in her promotion behind Magic, Eropicha is quite probably a powerful magic-user, and she is certainly a very intelligent and knowledgeable one, easily figuring out some problems that even Magic struggled with. However, as she was never seen fighting the full extent of her magical abilities is unknown. She also seems to be somewhat adept with different beverages, making tea with powerful sleeping agents ( though Eropicha denies it ) and possessing powerful alcoholic drinks who do not smell the least bit of alcohol.

Trivia Edit


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