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Espionage is a skill level that involves an individual obtaining information considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information. The process usually either involves the spy to sneak and steal written information or by listening confidential conversations. Sometimes, spies might get inside their opponents group in order to access to information directly, but this is even more risky.

Typically, espionage is a job of ninjas and they can carry the job without a skill level due to the natural virtues they possess, although naturally someone with an Espionage skill would be better specialised for the role.

The ultimate spy is called Crane, who posseses an Espionage Lv2. She has the ability to, wherever she is, there's always someone nearby who will spill secrets of others. Because of this, she know too many secrets of head of states and various important people all around The Continent and she's always being chased. To survive she always wear a full body suit that make her invisible which seem to be a product from the future. 

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Espionage Lv1Edit

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