(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 2015-04-24
Genre / Rating Adventure RPG / +18
Base price 8800
Voice Partial
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Evenicle is a 3D adventure Eroge RPG released in 2015 by Alicesoft. It was the best received non-Rance Alicesoft title released since Daiakuji in 2008. It is also notable for being drawn by Nan Yaegashi, the character designer of Senran Kagura. It is currently being translated by Mangagamer for an upcoming release.

Evenicle is set in a world created by the Holy Mother Eve. The world of Eve is governed by commandments which are enforced by the world. Breaking these commandments results in a permanent curse to become an outlaw, rejected by the world and by society.

One of these commandments is one of of commitment to one and only one partner. However there are people who are allowed more than one partner, Knights, sworn to protect humanity from monsters and outlaws, are permitted multiple partners in order to ensure that humanities blessed pass their blood to the next generation.

On a small fishing village, a young man named Asterisk lives with his twin elder sister Kinou and Kyou. Asterisk loves his sisters and they love him but unfortunately he can not choose between then.

And so he travels into the world in order to become a knight...

Main CharactersEdit

Demo Movies (Original and English)Edit

イブニクル オープニングムービー02:10

イブニクル オープニングムービー

Evenicle - Opening Movie-201:56

Evenicle - Opening Movie-2

Translated english version


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