List of chapters in Evenicle.

Prologue Edit

Asterisk wakes up with the sound of Kyou nee-chan. Kyou asks Aster what does he wants to do. Kinou says they're not blood-related so they're not elder sisters, but can do something a nee-chan would. The twins are by his side. Aster answered he wants to H both of them. They accept and ask Aster who does he choose because he can only get one.

(Different scene) Aster is drowning.

Aster is washed up to the shore near Abel. A beautiful girl saved him. He tells her he was swimming from Fisherman Island and fell asleep, and came here to become a knight. Riche is introduced.

The girl leaves. A group of people came thinking he's suspicious because he came from the sea. Ramius is introduced. She mentions there are sightings of outlaw nearby. He explains the situation and is given the task of getting 100G. They left. Game intro.

Holy Mother Eve Edit

Holy Mother Eve created men and give divine blessings to people live in this world, but only to those follow the two commandments:

  1. Do not kill another person.
  2. Do not have sex (vaginal) with two or more people.

Those lost the divine blessing becomes Outlaw; they cannot farm, domesticate animals, nor mine. On the other hand, A knight can have more brides to leave more descendants.

Chapter 1: Knight and Princess Edit

Aster Standing Ground Edit

  1. Gather 100 G, and head to Abel to the west. Check the church.
  2. Event east of Abel. Back to Abel.
  3. Event northwest of Abel (grass). Back to Abel.

The girl Korupisu introduced was kidnapped by some outlaw.

Outlaw Edit

Aster wants to go help but stopped by Ramius because he's not a knight and can't kill people, or he'll become outlaw. He went by himself.

  1. Go into the cave southwest of the region, should be east of the town destroyed by a big crab.
  2. In the cave, head southwest for event. Then head north to open door and boss battle.
  3. Back to Abel.

Aster arrived too late, the girl was raped and became an outlaw. Trying to calm her down, Ramius was stabbed with the syringe.

Aster and Ramius Edit

  1. Go to the shore where Aster woke up.
  2. Back to Abel for H scene with Ramius. Ramius joins the party.
  3. Go through the fort to Stallion city.

Riche tells Aster the drug in the syringe is Adan's blood. Ramius got injected and won't be able to calm down unless she has sex otherwise the drug will kill her. Riche asks Aster to has sex with Ramius. Now Aster has to go meet her family.

Trial for the New House Edit

  1. Go southeast and then up the ramp, pick the top fight.
  2. Back to Stallion. Then south to your new house.
  3. Go northeast into the fog.

They met Ramius's brother. He gave them a test. They completed and got the house. Now they need to go to the capital so Aster can take a test to become a knight.

The Road to the Imperial City Edit

  1. Look for events and find the exit.
  2. Head west to Eden.

Knight Test Edit

  1. Go back to the fog. Find the event.
  2. Go to where you fought the monster girl for the house. Find the event for the flower.
  3. Back to the fog where the girl ghost was. Boss battle.
  4. Back to Eden. Bridge is now accessible.
  5. Go to the cave of Outlaw.

Aster was given the task of investigating the fog.

Princess Riche Edit

  1. Boss battle same location in the cave.
  2. Go back to house. Riche joins the party.
  3. Go to Eden.

Aster arrived in time to save Riche. At the house, Riche says can knight one person because she's the second princess. She knights Aster. Now Aster can have 2 brides, and Riche becomes the second.

Chapter 2: The Pursuit of Jamon Edit

Chapter 3: The Liars and the Honest Edit

Chapter 4: To the Sea Edit

Chapter 5: Saint of the Soul Edit

Chapter 6: Evenicle Edit

Chapter 7: Devil Adan Edit

To the Sky Island Edit

  1. Go to Hamlet
  2. Go to Camelot
  3. Go to Home
  4. Go to Sky Island

The first living being Holy Mother Eve created and fell in love with was Adan. The two gave birth to humans. Later, the human population increases exponentially and the ensuing conflicts begin. The strong oppresses the weak and inventions were developed to kill the opposition. In tears, Holy Mother Eve was going to destroy the human race but stopped by Adan. Adan absorbs humans' desires so they would stop fighting, but it never ends. Eventually Adan explodes and scatters across the world and each part of him becomes a monster. The monsters are the embodiment of human's desire to attack humans. The church misinterpret the Evenicle that Adan created the monsters.

Holy Mother Eve then created the commandments to protect humans from their desires. When a man's desire become too strong, he becomes a monster. People that break the commandments are given the black ring because they given into their desires like monsters. Knights are to continue Adan's will to protect the humans. The person given the power to appoint knights by Holy Mother Eve created the church.

Tower of Man Edit

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