Page still a work in Progress. For now here are some common areas where people seem to have gotten stuck in Evenicle

General Questions Edit

Q: Do I have to do all the Homeless side quests?

A: No. But you have to do the one in Chapter 2 to unlock the one in Chapter 3 etc 

Q: How do I get the special uniforms?

A: Lots of fishing 

Q: If I miss side quests can I redo them?

A: Yes. After you complete the game QD lets you. 

Q: Who is best Girl

A: Ramius 

Chapter OneEdit

Q: In chapter one, where do I find the flower for Tilt (the Ghost girl)?

A: On the hill to the south of Stallion 

Q: After doing the test for Knighthood, Ramius says that we need to find Riche. Where is she?

A: In the abandoned mine where you fought the outlaws earlier 

Chapter TwoEdit

Q: Gurigura joined my party. What do I do?

A: Buy the shoes at the shop in Lancelot and cross the previously uncrossable part of the desert. Then go north until you find Arthur (a ruined city) 

Q: Homeless Side Quest (Chapter 2) - event in the tent

A: Kill two radishes to the east 

Q: Eden Knight Side Quest (Chapter 2)

A: Go to Eden and you get a mission to kill three sketch monsters near Lancelot. Return to Eden to collect your prize. 

Q: Anal Sex with Lauren Side Quest (Chapter 1 and 2)

A: Meet Lauren in the churches of the following cities in order -> Abel, Stallion, Eden, Lancelot, Sapphire, Hector, Lionel. You will then get a mission to kill 5 Yankees (in the northern part of Lancelot). After killing 5 go to the church in Pankarch. 

Chapter Three Edit

Q: I have gotten the huge leaves and need to collect the Poison gas. Where do I go?

A: To Lancelot and there will be a scene with Tio 

Q: What do I do after that?

A: Go to Arthur and you will find out Tio is missing. From her earlier scene you will have realised that Tilt, the ghost girl from Chapter 1, was her sister. Go back to Eden and go into the Labyrinth to save Tio. Then go to Lancelot and El Quijote 

Q: Shit happened with Pancho and Lorenzo. I have to find Kathryn. Where is she?

A: From memory she's in Vilfuente (the town to the east of El Quijote). If she's not there she is in the town to the south of that (the one nearest to the Kalar Forrest) 

Q: The red monster enemies keep on respawnning. What do I do?

A: Fall down the cracks and fight the boss battle. Make sure you kill the jar enemy. Then go back up and kill the enemies blocking your way. They will no longer respawn. 

Q: Homeless Side Quest (Chapter 3) - Where are they?

A: On the west of Hyakuen you will see a step like rock formation. These function as steps and you can climb up them. There will be a passage to the south (when you're on top of the mountain) and you can go through it and you will see their tent. When you get to the quest you just have to go to the shrine on the south eastern coast. 

Q: Eden Knight Side Quest (Chapter 3)

A: Go to Eden and get the Quest. 

Chapter FourEdit

Q: The Poppins are building the ship but I need some wood. Where do I get it?

A: Go to the Kalar Village. Then go to the forest to the south of the the Kalar Village. 

Q: The sugar cube factory was burned down. Where do I go?

A: Go to the north west island and talk to Prince Felton. If you have already done so you will see Millet in Colopty. Then go to the Hanny Island and continue with all the boss fights. At the north west of the island there is a mountain which you have to enter (if you miss this you will notice that on the map there is one spot on the island that hasn't been explored so make sure you go there and when you go there you automatically enter the mountain). There will be a 69 scene with Ramius. Then go to Humpty. 

Q: I've done that and where do I go now?

A: Go to the island where Asterisk grew up. It's in the ocean to the south of Abel. After talking to Aster's sisters and completing all the events on the island go back to Humpty. 

Q: Homeless Side Quest (Chapter 4) - Where are they?

A: Hanny Island 

Q: Eden Knight Side Quest (Chapter 4)

A: Go to Eden and get the Quest. From memory this quest gives you the scene where Aster drinks with Ashval and Barlow 

Q: Burst Tit Job (Chaper 3 and 4)

A: As with Lauren you need to see Burst in the various churches in order. This can only be done after doing the Eve altar event in Chapter 3. After that go to Vilfuente and then to Hyakuen and then to Maquimomo and then to Zumpty and then to Humpty. Go to the Poppin Undersea tunnel to do the request and then go to Colopty 

Chapter FiveEdit

Q: Can I capture the Captain Vanilla?

A: No but Captain Vanilla's are generic enemies in the final chapter. 

Q: I can't go through the forest. What do I do?

A: Go back to Aster's house. Then go to the Desert in Lancelot and defeat one of the orange ghost enemies. You may want to disable Gurigura's autokill Then go to the south east town in Lancelot (it's south of the cliff and next to the river dividing Eden and Lancelot. There will be a scene where Aster possess a ghost and fucks Ramius. Now you can go through the forest. 

Q: I have Ophelia. What do I do now?

A: Visit QD 

Q: Homeless side Quest (Chapter 5)  

A: You can't miss them. This is the last one 

Q: Eden Side Quest (Chapter 5)

A: Same as always 

Q: Search for the Grave Side Quest

A: It's on the Hanny Island from Chapter 4 

Q: Why does Hamlet have the best background music?

A: Because it does? 

Chapter SixEdit

Q: I went to the mirror maze. What do I do now?

A: Go back to Central then go to the tower on the south east of the Central Continent. 

Q: Why is Natal so hot?

A: You have good taste. 

Q: Anal Sex with Silent (Side Quest)

A: Vist the churches in Hamlet, Horatio, Central, Leftest and then Lightning. And then Lightning again. 

Q: Island hobo

A: After talking to him, talk to Ramius' father and then go back to talk to him. In Chapter 7 he will sell the latest version of weapons. 

Chapter SevenEdit

Q: Natal (Side Quest)

A: Collect all the pieces of the mirror fragments in the towers in Chapter 6. Then go to Humpty and then back to the salt shrine in Hamlet (where Ophelia went nom nom). Then back to Humpty. 

Q: Impregnating the Saints

A: Lauren is in the abandoned mine from Chapter 1, Burst is in the shrine in Aster's home island and Silent is on the top floor of the Tower in the sky island. Note Riche forces contraception. Please beat her magic Silent.

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