Kanami using the Fire Bowl Technique.

Fire Bowl Technique
katon no jutsu

The Fire Bowl Technique a Ninja skill originally invented by the personal ninja of the royal family of Leazas, Kanami Kentou.

The move consists on using the ninja arts and by making a series of moves to write the kanji 丼 in the air, it summons a barrage of fire attacks that wound all the enemies around the user. It's not very powerful but it can attack several enemies in a pretty good range, and it's excelent to finish off several weakened enemies.

The technique is pretty similar to Fire Bomb, a more typical and well known ninja technique. This is because the Fire Bowl Technique was created by complete accident when Kanami mistakingly thought that ton in the ninja technique 火遁の術 katon no jutsu 'escape/flee by using fire' stood for 丼 'bowl' instead of 遁 'escape, flee', creating an original and different jutsu as a result.