Fletcher Clone
Japanese フレッチャークローン
Romanization Furetchākurōn
Race Guy Monster
Sex Male
World The Continent
Strength High
Appeared in Nise Naguri Makuri Tower}}

About Edit

Fletcher Clones are clones of history's greatest martial artist Fletcher Modell in his youth created by the Gods after he successfully damaged a Dark Lord using pure skill. They now serve as powerful Guy Monsters. They are not to be confused with Modell's Ghost, another, much weaker species of monster based off of Fletcher Modell.

Compared to their cousin species the Kite Clone, they are extremely rare, to the point of being one of the least common species of monster ever. Currently, only one has appeared in any Alicesoft game, and was encountered by Patton Misnarge during his training climbing the TOWER in M-Land, where it served as a boss.

As they are rarely seen in the wild, almost nothing is known about them, though like Kite Clones they seem genetically driven to seek out and battle strong opponents. As they are cloned from Modell in his youth, they have the appearance of lean and muscular young men in kenpo gi, and don't even remotely resemble the pig-like form he took in his later years.

They are incredibly dangerous monsters, with just one of them being a highly difficult opponent for even a strong martial artist like Patton. As practitioners of the art of kenpo, they are capable of reversing their opponent's attack back at them to great effect. Their ability to effectively use a methodical and strategic martial art such as kenpo shows them to be a very intelligent species of monster. Due to being clones, however, their power is substantially below that of the original Fletcher Modell in his prime. Their immense power despite this fact serves as a testament to the original's truly peerless abilities.

As they have never been shown encountering the actual Fletcher Modell, it is unknown if they were similarly submissive to the original Fletcher prior to his death as Kite Clones are to their originator, even after he had long since gone to seed, or are unaffected due to Modell not being a Dark Lord.