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Holy Gal Monster
(Rance Quest)
sei onna no ko monsutā
Holy Gal Monster
(Rance 4.2)
seijo monsutā

About Edit


The Four Holy Gal Monsters are a quartet of Gal Monster prototypes.

They are considered the "mothers" of monsters, as they seeded the world with their kind. They have the ability to create new monsters and spread them across The Continent as they see fit.

Even though they're called Gal Monsters, they're technically classed as Goddesses.

Wenlina - The Life Edit

Holy Gal Monster of Life.

A small, naked loli girl with long, wavy green hair tied up in ribbons. She controls life and can revive the dead, but this power can only be used once a year.

Serachrolas - The Time Edit

Holy Gal Monster of Time.

A small, naked loli girl with long, straight green hair tied up in ribbons. She also has many ribbons coming down from her neck. She seems to be younger than Wenlina.

Housesnurse - The Earth Edit

Holy Gal Monster of Earth.

A small loli girl dressed in baggy clothing, she carries a large wooden hammer. She can manipulate the earth, with the ability to create pathways even through desert.

Bezeleye - The Strength Edit

Holy Gal Monster of Strength.

The only Holy Gal Monster that isn't really a loli. She wears a long dress, has two horns on either side of her head and easily wields a greatsword with one hand, even though it's larger than her own body.

For a period of time, she was kidnapped by the evil Professor Bambara. He forced her to mate with Insects that resemble real-life Pigs so he could birth a race of monster servants, and that's how the Bambara race of Guy Monsters came into existence.