Hyah! Let's go.

—Freak, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A mage that uses a type of pseudo-magic involving firing stored magic energy from his right arm.

As his magic power itself isn't very high, the iron dolls he leads are lacking in strength as well.

On the other hand, he's backed by knowledge and experience, and you can expect something from him on the strategic side of things.

Has no special skills.



  • Tied to Rona Kestina's destiny.
  • Use Freak in a battle with RedEye and have them fight twice. you will then get a beginning of turn event (may take several turns) where Freak leaves your army. After several more turns, Freak will control Toushin Omega and intercept Redeye the next time he attacks doing considerable damage to him
  • After that, you are given a choice to save Rona Kestina. Saving her will lead to her happy ending, choosing to kill and distress will cause a soldier to kill Rona for Rance and Redeye. After having saved her, if you lose a battle to Redeye, she will kill herself to kill Redeye.
  • If you kill RedEye without doing any of the above events, Rona will get her unhappy ending.


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