Fukuhara Izumi
Japanese 福原 いずみ
Romanization fukuhara izumi
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan


Possibly inspired of Fukuhara Shinzou OR Fukuhara Rosou.


Command Points: 450

Recruitment: She will only join you if you accepted Japanization plan. A few turns after Taira Eichi at a beginning of the turn event.

Skill: "Man Killer" - Attack power against males +10%

Level 0

All Stats + 10%
All Stats + 10%
No Ship Skill
No Ship Skill


  • Growth rate +2%
  • Can leave with Taira Eichi unless you H her beforehand and talk with her about the Aikoku Shishidan (talk to her thrice).

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