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Japanese ガルティア
Romanization Garutia
Race Dark Lord
Age / Birth 2985+
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 181cm / 92kg
Status Alive
Class Insect User
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis Faction
Level limit 108
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv2
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance X



Galtia is a carefree and glutton Dark Lord from the Kayblis Faction, yet one of the eldest of all. He was originally a human from the Ssulal Era, almost 3000 years prior to the current era, who had reached an outstanding fame as a Legendary Insect User, being capable of keeping dozens of Insects inside of his body. Tales of his feats were spread throughout The Continent until reaching the ears of Demon King Ssulal who, striked by interest from this unbelievable talent, decided to pay a visit to the then young Galtia, which resulted in him becoming a Dark Lord and pledging loyalty to his new master. Ever since then, Galtia has loyally served every Demon King that followed. At some point during the Dark Lord War Galtia engaged in combat against Toushin Lambda, the most powerful war machine created by the Holy Magic Sect. While the result of the battle remains unknown, Galtia survived the encounter with the Toushin.

After Demon King Gi's death and the start of the LP Era that resulted in a Civil War on the Monster Realm to decide the next Demon King, Galtia sided with Kayblis and joined his Faction, entering in a war against the Dark Lords of the Hornet Faction as a result. By the order of Kayblis, he's been at the front lines with Babolat but all they do is eat and sleep, maybe sometimes fight occasionally.


As Galtia is a Dark Lord, he possesses a never-aging body that allows him to retain the appearance of a young man despite being one of the eldest living beings in The Continent. He has a tanned skin and is fairly muscular, wearing a blue attire that resembles that of a jester. He has a short green hair and wears a metallic eyepatch, which in his most recent designs has been replaced for a plate, and hides a large scar beneath it. His most shocking trait is the massive hole on his belly, which connects to an alternate dimension where he keeps his Insects in, with several demonic limbs or hands often grossly coming out of it. He has three Apostles formed from the combination of many Insects, who all live inside his body just like with regular Insect Users.

While his status as a Dark Lord and warped appearance might make him look unappealing for humans, he's actually a friendly and joyful man. He appeared to be rather cheerful, with a happy-go-lucky and easy-going disposition, even against his enemies. Even since his time as a human, Galtia has always been iconic for his incomparably high gluttony. Insect Users have the peculiarity of sharing their food with the insects that reside on their bodies, forcing them to eat many times more than a regular humans, and since Galtia was the ultimate Insect User with over 20 insects inside him, his hunger was said to be so immense that he'd to spend the majority of his day eating. Upon his transformation into a Dark Lord, his gluttony became even more absurd; his stomach became a bottomless hole to another dimension. He eats five years worth of food of an average human in a single day, only stopping to sleep or when he is forced to fight. He often whines about his hunger every minute he's not eating and is quite lazy, stating that working or taking part in any kind of activity will only make him hungrier. Food is the only major drive on his life and doesn't seem to care that much about the rest to the point that he joined the Kayblis Faction solely because they offered better food quality rations. Galtia doesn't hate humans at all, and usually avoids hurting them if he can as he isn't particularly fond of bloodshed either.


Galtia shows no hostility towards humans.

All this however makes him largelly uninterested in violence and he doesn't judge or look down on others based on their race. He's all-around friendly and cheerful when he's eating, and thinks highly of anyone that can provide him a delicious meal. He's single-mindedly motivated by getting food but he won't resort to killing in order to get it, being perfectly willing to give something else in exchange of a good meal or even helping others for mere snacks. He's used to eating low-quality food, since Cooking is not a very prevalent skill on the Monster Realm, and becomes joyous when someone can provide him with a delicious meal. He loves curry, and prefers to eat several bowls in a row non-stop. Ironically, he's slightly childish in nature as well and tends to not think things through, especially when he's too focused on eating. Because of this, he still represents a threat to the human world as he has a tendency to deplete the food supplies of every territory he moves through. He's isn't particularly loyal to anyone and mostly just follow his stomach. He's completely willing to change sides or aid former enemies if they lure him with tasty food, even if they are humans. 


As one of the few existing Dark Lords of the Monster Realm, Galtia carries incredible power that places him easily above the rest of the mortals, with only the strongest humans in history being comparable to him in terms of individual power. On his former days as a human, he already boasted a legendary fame as an Insect User capable of housing over 20 Insects on his body, granting him an insane versatility for combat with lots of different abilities. This ability remained from his new self, as many of his insects fused together and took a new sentient form, becoming powerful Apostles. They live inside of his belly and take in nutrition when he eats, usually employing them to fight for him instead of going directly into the fray himself. They all have different abilities and, unlike with regular Insect Users, they're capable of temporarily leaving their master's body to fight separately, increasing their effectiveness. He has three Insect Apostles inside his body:
  • Launea: a girl whose upper body is that of a black-haired girl, but her lower body is that of a terrible spider.
  • Thalgo: brown-skinned, she has the hands and feet of a Gorilla.
  • Samezan: a girl resembling a harpy.

In terms of individual fighting ability, he's also a very skilled warrior that fight primarily by wielding a sword with an amazing expertise. On the previous setting he boasted a Sword Combat Lv2, making his potential swordsmanship comparable to the most skilled swordsmen in The Continent like Uesugi Kenshin and Rick Addison. His Level was 60 which, while very high when compared to humans, is more on the low side for Dark Lords standards, and his Level Cap reached only 108, also among the lowest. Despite his own fighting ability being really high and easily capable of defeating almost any human in a duel, since he specializes in utilizing his insect for battle he's not used to 1 on 1 combat and he's not nearly as powerful as other Dark Lords as an individual.

Outside of combat Galtia is also capable of consuming anything he takes to his mouth without having his digestive system suffer any consequences. He prefers to eat regular food, since it's more tasty, but is not above eating trash or raw meat if he's desperate enough. He's also perfectly capable of eating highly toxic substances or poisonous foods with no repercussions, as even the most lethal poisons in the world bring him anything but a slight itch.


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  • He and Caloria Cricket are the only Insect Users left alive in The Continent.
  • Similar to what happened to other Dark Lords, in the original Kichikuou Rance, Galtia didn't have any apostles.
  • He is the only known Insect User whose last name isn't Cricket.
  • Despite being a Dark Lord that isn't accustomed to 1v1 battles and that he relies on his insects to fight, In Kichikuou Rance he's the only recruitable character that doesn't have any troops, making him a solo fighter that is only useful against opponents that are not Dark Lords.