is a skill level that determines the talent an individual possesses for growing and cultivating different types of plants, either for the sake of decorating an environment or for cultivating fruits and herbs for consumption or medicinal purposes. The practice can involve the growth of an inconmensurably varied types of plants, but it is typically mostly employed as a hobby in order to create a delightful garden for one's personal enjoyment. Because of it's a naturally passive activity with little stress involved, it is often seen as a very relaxing exercise for people.

While with a profound knowledge of the field a skill level is not required to form one, gardeners with Lv1 skills carry an almost instinctive knowledge for the cultivation of plants, as well as an exquisite taste in the formation of a beautiful garden. While cultivation can serve many purposes, it is worth to note that Gardening in particular focuses more in the artistic and cosmetic side of it, leading gardeners to be mostly interested in beautiful plants like flowers or other attractive herbs.

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