Martinaaa! I want ramen as soon as I get back!

—Garutia, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A Dark Lord that came for the food. He doesn't have a single troop, but because he's a Dark Lord, he's plenty strong enough to fight by himself.

However, he has food expenses...terrifying food expenses.

-Invincibility Field: Garutia won't take any direct damage from anything except other Dark Lords.

-Food Expenses: As long as he's recruited you need to pay 4500K gold every week.


  • Let Garutia conquer two of your territories, then you'll get the option to leave poison food in a territory. Let him conquer two more territories that have poison food in them.
  • Martina Curry will offer her assistance if you've previously beaten her in a cooking contest. You have to beat her in the cooking contest before the events where Garutia attacks territories happen.
  • Let Garutia conquer one more of your territories and he will join.
  • Required for:


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