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Japanese ガイ
Romanization gai
Race Demon King
Sex Male
Class Spell-blader
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Appeared in Rance VI (Opening)
Mentioned in Rance 03, Kichikuou Rance


Gi was the sixth Demon King of the Monster Realm. He was born a human during the previous Demon King, Gele's, reign but she turned him into a Dark Lord after he attempted to kill her. This makes him the only Demon King to have previously been a Dark Lord. He had a personality disorder that mirrored his physical appearance: one part of him was a rational and wise man, but the other was an irrational psychopath. He tried his best to keep his more dangerous side from taking control. 

Gi rose to power by killing Gele in a moment of weakness. Gele had sought for an escape from the 1000 year lifespan of Demon Kings and wished to be Demon King forever from the God Planner. He granted her wish, but reduced her power to 5% of what it previously was. Seeing her newly reduced strength, Gi desired to take her position as Demon King and betrayed Gele. Planner's wish had also made Gele immortal, impossible to kill, and so Gi sealed her with the Demon Sword Chaos. Thus began the GI era.

Gi's era was a relatively peaceful one, possibly the most peaceful for a Protagonist Race in history. This was not due to any benevolent disposition Gi felt towards humanity, but due to his overall indifference to them, leading him to avoid any conflict with them. However, Gi would occasionally lapse into his psychotic personality and he was known to be violent and cruel during these times.

Towards the end of his reign Gi began to look for a successor as Demon King, but he considered no one on the The Continent to possess the right qualities. He tried to conceive an heir and after much difficulty and failure, his daughter Hornet was eventually born. Unfortunately she too did not meet Gi's standards for the qualities necessary of a Demon King.

Gi's era
Gi's 1000 years ended without a successor found. His 15-year grace period had almost expired when he decided to expand his search beyond The Continent. Using Dark Lord's Berksham's unique ability to traverse dimensions, he broadened his search to other worlds. Gi traveled to dimension "3E2," (what is considered the "real world," the world of the player/reader) and found someone who he considered the perfect heir to the role of Demon King. Miki Kurusu, 14 year old Japanese high school student, was forcefully abducted and given the rites of the Demon King, successfully becoming the 7th Demon King. While unconfirmed, it is likely that Gi was under effect of his insane split personality during these events. 

After passing on his title, Gi was reduced to a normal human again and, wracked with guilt upon realizing what he had done to Miki, lost the will to live. Miki's angry boyfriend, Kentarou, reached Gi's location not long after the ritual - Gi put up no resistance, only apologizing and allowing Kentarou to kill him.

With Kentarou's help, Miki rejected the responsibilities and title of Demon King and have been on the run ever since. She has suppressed the full transformation into her Demon King personality with Hirami Lemons, leaving the Monster Realm leaderless in the process. They are looking for a way to turn Miki back into a normal human and to return to their world, which may or may not be possible. Miki was given the name Little Princess as her official name and started the Little Princess Era.

Before dying, Gi left a letter with his last will for his daughter Hornet: "With Miki Kurusu as the next Demon King, rule the Monster Realm and maintain peaceful coexistence with humanity." Miki's abdication of the role of Demon King has made this wish impossible to fulfill.

Hornet was willing to follow her father's last will, but Dark Lord Kayblis became enraged by his decision, hoping to be chosen as Demon King himself. Kayblis approached many Dark Lords and their forces and formed a group called the Kayblis Faction, dedicated to finding and murdering Miki in order to turn Kayblis into the Demon King instead. Hornet made her own Hornet Faction to protect Miki, with the objective of convincing Miki to accept her role as Demon King.

Both Factions are currently waging war with each other, making it the first civil war in the Monster Realm.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit


Demon King Gi.

With a head of long dark hair, Gi dressed in a regal garb, looking much like a hybrid between a warrior and a mage. Gi was a formidable foe to any that faced him.

When Gi became a Dark Lord his body underwent a physical change that reflected his mental struggle, one half of his body was as he looked when he was human, but the other half of his body changed into a more twisted and demonic form. 

Gi was proficient in both swordplay and magic, becoming a very talented spellsword, a unique title on The Continent.

For the most part, Gi seemed to have mastered control over the bloodlust typical of those who become Demon King. It is unknown if he felt the rage against mankind usual to Demons, but it is known that he rarely acted upon it. He was a wise and charismatic leader that did not seek conflict.

He adopted a policy of noninterference with the world of humans, commanding all Dark Lords to leave humanity alone. This caused a lot of controversy amongst the Dark Lords, but his will was mostly respected. He divided the world into two territories, the Monster Realm and the land the humans lived in, preferring to avoid interacting with humanity. 

Because of his noninterference policy, Kingdoms such as Helman, Leazas and Zeth were able to be founded. Ludo-Rathowm almost destroyed the world during Gi's era because it had very little conflict.

GI - Gi's EraEdit

GI0001 - Gi becomes the Demon King. Dark Lord Xavier is unsealed in JAPAN , but is sealed away again right away.

GI0020 - The Warrior Silky Littleraisin storms Gi's castle, demanding that he release the human beings that Gele enslaved. Impressed with her, he offers to make her into a Dark Lord, which she accepts in exchange for mankind's freedom.

GI0024 - Thanks to Silky's request, humanity is released from slavery.

GI0420 - The Dark Lord War breaks out between the Dark Lords and the dominant force of humanity, the Holy Magic Sect, who wish to kill the Demon King once and for all. Gi doesn't take part in the war himself.

GI0451 - M.M Rune is assassinated and the Dark Lord War ends as a result.

GI0500 - Dark Lord Xavier revives once again and begins to ravage the nation of JAPAN with his apostles. He is greatly weakened by the Hero wielding the Holy Katana Nikkou. The Tenshi sect split him into pieces and seal him inside 8 gourds.

GI0532 - Zanageth Helman founds the Republic of Helman.

GI0534 - Gross Leazas found the Kingdom of Leazas during a period of civil war in Helman.

GI0762 - Dark Lord Babora, who had been reduced to a Demonic Blood Soul during the war with the Holy Magic Sect, manages to revive.

GI0802 - The Southern Proxy War breaks out. Dark Lord Berksham and Lucy Giulietta encourage the founding of the nation of Zeth.

GI0813 - Dark Lord Kayblis devastates the Kingdom of ZethThe year is forever remembered as "The Kayblis Dark Year."

GI0815 - Dark Lord Medusa devastates the Kingdom of Zeth. The year is forever remembered as "The Medusa Dark Year."

GI0850 - Gi goes on a sex-spree to create a suitable heir. Hornet is born, the only child of his to survive childbirth.

GI0859 - Satella is brought to Hornet so they can play together and they become friends.

GI0860 - Gi turns Hornet and Satella into Dark Lords and prepares special education for his daughter so she can train to be the Demon King.

GI0913 - Dark Lord RedEye hijacks the Maazel Line from the Kingdom of Zeth and the nation is constantly attacked by his monster army for several years. The year it began is forever remembered as "The RedEye Dark Year."

GI0940 - Operation: Bomb the Maazel Line is undertaken. The Hero of the Era uses the Holy Katana Nikkou and repels the Dark Lord RedEye, taking back the Maazel Line.

GI1015 - For unknown reasons, Gi kidnaps Miki from the universe 3E2 and makes her into the Demon King. He then allows Kentarou to kill him. He sends his dying Will to Hornet in which he wished for her to "protect Miki, make her the next Demon King, and establish peaceful coexistence with humans." His choice splits the Dark Lord society into two factions, Hornet and Kayblis.

Known Dark Lords Created: Silky Littleraisin, Babora, Warg, Kite(Indirect), Berksham, Satella, Hornet.

Preceded by: Demon King Gele

Succeeded by: Demon King Little Princess (personality suppressed)


  • He's the first Demon King to have successfully created offspring.
  • Gi is one of the most influential characters in the current setting since he allowed nations like Leazas and Helman to be founded as well as directly starting the Dark Lord civil war by making Miki the Demon King.
  • He and Wrench Luncheon are the only characters known with a split personality disorder.
  • He's one of the few spellbladers known in the universe, the others being Eleanor RanHornet and Wichita Skate.
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