The God Realm is the alternate dimension where all the Gods comfortably live.

Usually, this is a dimension inaccessible by all living creatures regardless their power or status. No-one is capable of entering, including races that are capable of travelling through dimensions like the Kaiju or trascendent entities like Gunagan. Even the most powerful Devils are unable to enter by normal means. 

There's two ways of entering in the God Realm while living. Either by becoming a God, like an Angel or a common Level God, or by entering through the rare gates created by Gods. Anyone is capable to enter through this Gates, but the only ones known are in the bottom of the Ancient Ruins and also at the lowest Ragnard Dungeon, two absurdly tough and huge dungeons.

The God Realm is divided in many sections that differentiates classes, some sections even having different purposes than just housing Gods.

  • Transcendent Space: A different space where Ludo-Rathowm belongs and can observe The Continent with no restrictions. It seems the true characters of the Three Supreme Gods also live here. Lower ranked Gods are unaware of the existance of this alternative plane. The God's Gate located in the Ancient Ruins leads here.
  • Heaven's City: An ideal and beautiful city where the Gods of the hierarchy live in, from Angels and average Level Gods to 1st Class Gods. It is the most largely populated area of the Gods Realm. Its entrance is a gate guarded by the 1st Class God, Da Angus.
  • Hell: The place where all Souls are taken upon death in order to be purified by the Oni. The 2nd Class Goddess Amaterasu is in charge of it, along with Angels managing administrative work, but it's mostly inhabited by the Oni, who are the ones responsible for the cleansing of the polluted Souls.

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