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Holy shit, it's huge!!

—Seed Cashima, when first looking at Gogo.


Gogo is one of the great godly monsters created to serve as powerful guardians across the Gods Realm. It is the guardian of Hell, the lowest section of the divine dimension.

It resides in the River Styx, a massive river located at the entrance of Hell used to transport corrupt souls to the afterlife. It exists solely to ensure that no mortal soul will be able reach Hell, and is singlemindedly devoted to destroying anything that attempts to do so because of this. Once a soul that is not allowed to enter Hell gets too close to the river, Gogo will show itself in all of its tremendous might, warning the intruder with the threat of an attack. It will only engage in combat if either its warning is ignored and the intruder attempts to pass anyway, or if it is attacked directly.

Its sole appearance to date was in Toushin Toshi II, where it appeared on the 31st floor of Ragnard Dungeon guarding the entrance to Hell. It will approach Seed Cashima if he attempts to walk around the River Styx, and will attack him if he refuses to turn back. While it is possible for Seed to defeat and slay Gogo, it is an extraordinarily difficult task that requires him to be at a Level much higher than he is likely to be at to even stand a chance at fighting it, forcing him to find a way to trick Lassie, the ferryman of the River Styx, to allow him to cross the river without having to fight it. While defeating Gogo is entirely optional, if Seed succeeds in doing so he will receive a red Victory Crest as a testament to his accomplishment and will also be able to cross the River Styx much more easily.

Personality and Appearance Edit


Gogo as it appears outside of combat.

Gogo is a colossal and majestic creature that leaves all who bear witness to it reduced to speechless terror. It somewhat resembles a gigantic eel, but with nine sets of eyes on each side of its head and a bright pink underbelly.

Despite its intimidating looks, Gogo is a mostly docile creature that will only assault those that provoke it. As it exists with the sole purpose of defending the River Styx, it is capable of almost no conscious thought of its own, instead spending all of its time patrolling the river in search of intruders.

Abilities Edit

In battle, Gogo is an absurdly powerful opponent that only an extremely small number of mortals in history would be capable of fighting. Its method of attacking is very simplistic, consisting entirely of spitting fire from its mouth at its opponent. It is capable of creating an infinite number of additional mouths on its body, however, allowing it to unleash an immeasurable number of flames at its enemy until they are destroyed. It is also extremely durable and sturdy, with defense and vitality that are incomparably greater than almost all other mortal beings. Its thick skin is also highly resistant to all magical attacks, though it is slightly vulnerable to Holy Magic due to its dark origins. Its strength is what one would expect from the Guardian of Hell, and no mortal being has successfully been able to slay it as a result.

Trivia Edit

  • Gogo is likely based on Leviathan, a legendary sea monster referenced multiple times throughout the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Like Leviathan, Gogo is a gargantuan sea monster with a serpentine appearance and the ability to shoot fire from its mouth.

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