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The Government skill is a skill level that determines the ability an individual carries to lead a country. This is a complex skill, since it carries within several branches, like economy administration, knowledge of war, charisma as a leader, among many other things. It includes many aspects, but it mostly focuses on the skill to lead and govern a country.

Those with a skill level can make excelent politicians and govern their country to prosperity. However, this is unrelated to their will, since they might be able to be excelent governors, but things like corruption or selfishness might get in the way and make the carrier of the skill a bad leader, which is actually completely unrelated. Actually, it is more common to see corrupted governors than honest, and possessing a skill level wouldn't make a difference and would, infact, probably give it use for the governor's selfish desires.

Since this skill covers so many areas, it takes quite some time for one to give proper use of it, even if it's very talented in politics. 

Known UsersEdit

Government Lv2Edit

Government Lv1Edit

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