Japanese 葡萄
Romanization budō
Race Insect
Sex N/A
Class Cattle
World The Continent
Strength Low
Appeared in Rance Quest}}



A Grape as it appears in Rance Quest.

are a type of Insect that are found near the Free City of CITY. They are somewhat like pigs, with a strange nose, and on top of their head something that resembles huge real-life Grapes. These are actually part of their body, just like hair is for humans.

The fruit on top of their heads are, appropiately, called Grapes. They can be used to make an exquisite dish called "Grape Meal", a specialty of Atago McCart sold in her bar. The taste of the dish is so delicious that her bar got fame for it, to the point many people that visit CITY are willing to go to the McCart bar to try it out. The grapes are rough and untasty if eaten raw, but when properly cooked they can be flavorful.

Grapes are pretty wild creatures though, with lots of energy and they hate to have their grapes harvested. They are usually bred by farmers, but they are pretty delicate creatures and collecting their grapes is really hard for regular people. Usually, adventurers are requested to aid in the job.