Gua Maral
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Yuan

Gua Maral is a young woman that is affiliated with the Yuan. When the mighty Rance Khan appears, Mararu will appear in territories that the Yuan control. While a woman in Rance Khan's kingdom, she has yet to lose her virginity to him. Mararu also appears to be fond of Rance Khan, and wants to find to him once his fleet has disappeared.


Recruitment: Joins after you defeat the Yuan. After that, talk to her once to recruit.

Skill: "Roaring Engines" - Allows for 2 movements between star regions instead of 1.

Stats Growth: 4%

Radar + 30% "Fixed slot for 騎馬艦", a special Tekkou ship
Radar + 30% Starts with 騎馬艦
Steel Bullets +10% Starts with 騎馬艦
Steel Bullets +10% Starts with 騎馬艦


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