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Guard is a skill level dedicated to protection, with a special focus on allies but also of oneself. Those who possess this skill level can show great proficiency in protective equipment of wide variety, from shields, barricades, or simply with the fighting stance.

They tend to be bodyguards and keep their allies safe from damage, and make great partners to mages and ranged fighter like archers. They tend to have firm stances and unbreakable wills, serving as great unshakable walls. They can also have great endurance and high defense themselves, but those there is a Self-Defense skill level as well for those are particularly talented with combat skill oriented to the protection of the oneself.

In armies they stand in the very frontlines and focus on protecting allies. They tend to wield big shields, heavy armor and spears. Those with a Guard skill tend to lead squads of Foot Soldiers and represent the backbone of any powerful arm.

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  • Guard used to be called Shield Combat but it was changed into the current skill in order to be used by different type of fighters and not just the ones that carry shields specifically.

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