H Edit

Japanese usage
  • sex
  • adj.: being sexually provocative, having a "dirty mind", being a pervert, or in general be sex-related.
English usage
  • to have sex, not strictly limited to intercourse.
  • adj.: of sexually-oriented nature (only used for graphical entertainement medium)

Example: H scene in the context of games refers to a scene with nudity or sexual behavior.

Hentai Edit

Japanese usage
  • noun: pervert
  • adj.: having a "dirty mind", being a pervert
English usage
  • pervert; sexually-oriented graphical entertainment medium (in contrast to porn, which is photo-realistic)
  • adj.: of sexually-oriented nature (only used for graphical entertainement medium)

H vs Hentai Edit

Pronounced as ecchi in Japanese, the term "H" is believed to be derived from the first letter of hentai, the romanization of the word "pervert" in Japanese. However, the word hentai in Japanese context is only used to refer to individuals, whereas H as an adjective (in Japanese context) can be used for just about everything. Note that their use in the noun form are completely different.

In Japanese context, the adjective form of "hentai" may seem to be a strict subset of "H"; but in actual usage, "hentai" tends to have a negative connotation, whereas "H" simply has a sexual connotation.

In English context, the adjective forms of hentai and H are interchangeable. Although certain circles do carry over the connotations in Japanese context, in which case "ecchi" is used for softcore materials, and "hentai" is used for hardcore.

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