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Hammer Combat is a skill level that represents the talent and natural skill one possesses in combat with hammers, axes and all sorts of weapons that are swing vertically, which can serve for a wide arrange of weapons. 

While this is a more rare skill, it's a powerful combat skill. Some of the strongest humans such as Thoma Lipton were capable fighters that wielded this type of weaponry. The rarity could be atributed to the fact that is a type of weapon that is harder to wield than usual and presents little option and versatility in combat, yet betting everything in an overwhelming offense. They tend to lack accuracy but compensate by having an absurd attack power. 

A Level 1 user is capable of fighting with expertise and represent an imposing threat.

Level 2 users have been shown capable of displaying greater and more varied skills. Thoma Lipton wielded a more complex weapon with extreme profficiency, while Minerva Margaret was able to fight with two-handed axes in both arms and still display an impressive performance.

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