Japanese ハニトラ
Romanization hanitora
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Empire of Chung

The female spy of the Empire of Chung. Also the lover of the emperor Xiu (or so the emperor thinks).

She initially works under Ranpha, her main duty is to seduce men from hostile countries and take photos while having sex with them to blackmail them with for gaining information from them or for forcing them into treachery. This is what her name comes from (Honey Trap). However, when such tactics are used to try and blackmail someone like Tsuyoshi Tougou...

She might be older than you think. However, her age is still a secret.

Everyone in Japan is a lolicon!!


Recruitment: See Daiteikoku:Admirals.

Command Points: 150 -> 180*

Skill "Celebrity" - Public order is increased by 3 per turn

Skill Replacement "Lady Killer 2" - 10% Extra Damage against Women and -10% Received*

Skill Replacement "Man Killer 2" - 10% Extra Damage against Men and -10% Received*

Level 0

Radar -90%
All Stats -90%*
All Stats -90%*
All Stats -90%*


  • Growth Rate + 6%
  • After having Hanitora wiped out in battle, Event Phase choices can change her skills
  1. Second slot All Stats +40%
  2. Third Slot All Stats +40%, Command +30
  3. Fourth Slot All Stats +40% and Lady Killer 2 or Man Killer 2 to replace Celebrity

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