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A Green Hanny using the Hanny Flash.

The Hanny Flash is a special attack inherent in all the members of the Haniwa race and that can only be employed by them.

It is a magical shockwave sent out through the holes in their face, which is surprisingly lethal and can penetrate any armor, effectively ignoring the enemies defenses. The power of the strike wildly varies depending on the strength of the Hanny that employed it obviously, so untrained Hannies will probably deal minimal damage even if they can go through the opponent's armour.

There are a few different variants of it:

  • Super Hanny Flash: A more powerful version that can penetrate through several enemies. Very potent.
  • Masuzoe Flash: The unique Hanny Flash of Dark Lord Masuzoe, very deadly and hits multiple enemies.
  • Hanny King Flash: The unique Hanny Flash of the Hanny King. A god-like attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, Ladle Man can use the Hanny Flash despite not being a Haniwa, how he does this is unknown.


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