Unit DescriptionEdit

The ruler of the Hanny race, as is obvious. His personal fighting ability also goes without saying.

He has a huge unit made up of 5,000 Hannies.

However, he moves through a method called "Daimyo Procession" that's absurdly expensive.

Has no special skills.


  • Collect a levy in Lazeal to get the Aluminium Axe, then send someone equipped with it to Titi Lake, where they will drop it. Say that you dropped an Aluminium Axe.
  • Get to the 66th floor, where you will find the Hanny King.
  • Send Julia to the Hanny King where he will improve her into Super Julia.
  • Send Rance to the Hanny King where he will now be able to ask the Hanny King to become a subordinate, in exchange for Julia.
    • He won't join if the Kaiju Prince is recruited.
    • He is essentially indestructable and extremely powerful, but costs 30,000K GOLD every time you want to use him.


  • Due to being intentionally over-powered characters, he and the Kaiju Prince are mutually exclusive, as recruiting one disables the other.
  • The term "Daimyo Procession" comes from the Daimyo, the feudal lords in real life Japan that ruled over the land prior to the Meiji Restoration.


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