Unit DescriptionEdit

The ruler of the Hanny race, as is obvious. His personal fighting ability also goes without saying.

He has a huge unit made up of 5,000 Hannies.

However, he moves through a method called "Daimyo Procession" that's absurdly expensive.

Has no special skills.


  • Collect a levy in Lazeal to get the Aluminium Axe, then send someone equipped with it to Titi Lake, where they will drop it. Say that you dropped an Aluminium Axe.
  • Get to the 66th floor, where you will find the Hanny King.
  • Before you recruit him, the Hanny King can actually also provide two strengthening services to any general that talks to him. There's a 25% chance of triggering it after you talk to him 3 times. You can always "leave" and then immediately come back until you trigger it.
  • Send Julia to the Hanny King where he will improve her into Super Julia.
  • Send Rance to the Hanny King where he will now be able to ask the Hanny King to become a subordinate, in exchange for Julia.
    • He won't join if the Kaiju Prince is recruited.
    • He is essentially indestructable and extremely powerful, but costs 30,000K GOLD every time you want to use him.
    • Note that since Julia is considered "dead" in this case, Aviator will become the new Royal Guards captain. You won't be able to see any events at the Military Academy if they haven't happened yet.


  • Due to being intentionally over-powered characters, he and the Kaiju Prince are mutually exclusive, as recruiting one disables the other.
  • The term "Daimyo Procession" comes from the Daimyo, the feudal lords in real life Japan that ruled over the land prior to the Meiji Restoration, and their practice of sankin-kōtai.