The offices set in the Free City of Ice.

Happiness Pharmaceutical
is the name of the organazation that recently revolutionised the world with the creation of the drug known as Seirogan.

Founded in the year GI1009, the group is focused in the invention and manufacture of medicinal drugs and are well-known for their most famous product the Seirogan, a medicine that emulates the effect of a healing spell to recover those that consume it from many injuries. This product was so successful it is sold in every Item Shop in The Continent and universally used by all adventurers due to the incredible aid it provides for long and tough expeditions that involve battling with several monsters.

The president of the company is Doharas Happiness, who's the one responsible for this amazing drug and his invention led him to become one of the most influential and important figures of the current era. The main offices of Happiness Pharmaceutical are in the Free City of Ice, and it currently accounts for 50% of the whole drug market.

The SeiroganEdit

Yo-iro gan
Like stated earlier, the Seirogan is a medicine that upon consumption takes the same effect as a healing spell performed with Divine Magic, making it incredibly useful for adventuring and has prevented a huge number of deaths from adventurers. The drug is cheap, mass-produced and easily accessible for everyone in every Item Shop, available even in the most remote and smallest towns.

There are different versions of Seirogan, classified as Seirogan 1, 2 and 3. The higher the number, the more expensive it is but it's also more effective and allows one to heal from more grave wounds. Consuming one Seirogan 3 has, more or less, the same effect as consuming 10 Seirogan 1, so the difference is quite noticeable. However, this efficiency is only relevant for higher level individuals, since for people that are below level 10, one Seirogan 1 is probably good enough to be fully healed. 

While Seirogan are extremely useful drugs, it is by no means a perfect healing device. Like with Divine Magic, there's a limit to the wounds it can treat and it will take no effect on diseases, cases that would require a proper treatment performed by a doctor.

Known MembersEdit

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