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These are challenging goals to meet in the game. The requirements are self-explanatory, but one detail is important—Special Request does not contribute to achievements related to earnings or sale counts. Moreover, the last one cannot be achieved on games started with bonus cash. After completing the achievements, some background images will change.

Achievements Requirements
startLine Earn 100,000 円.
halfMillion Earn 500,000 円.
million! Earn 1,000,000 円.
hitoMouke Earn 50,000 円 in a day.
maruMouke Earn 100,000 円 in a day.
boroMouke Earn 150,000 円 in a day.
4WD Offer four club members in a day.
sixChanger Offer six club members in a day.
springEight Offer eight club members in a day.
fullFlat Recruit four Petite club members.
pleaseSensei Recruit ten teachers.
glassRunner Recruit sixteen glasses-wearing club members.
luckyClover Recruit four club members in a day.
maxHeart Complete all requirements in a Special Request.
sanzaiBurst Purchase the 1,000,000 円 item.
endless Pay 350,000 円 on May 22.

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