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Game EndingsEdit

There are five endings—your path is defined by success as a manager, or by righteousness as a human. Below are the steps to see each ending. There are no bonuses for completion. These simply exist for story's sake.

Good EndingEdit

  • Succeed payments to the principal.
  • Unlocks an achievement.

Bad EndingEdit

  • Fail payments to the principal.
  • Next game begins with extra cash—10% of your total earnings. Caps at 1,250,001 円.

Minami's EndingEdit

  • View her first scene.
  • Never sell Minami.

Sumire's EndingEdit

  • After recruiting Minami—and before recruiting Sumire—skip a day's service.
  • View her first scene.
  • View her fourth scene.
  • Dismiss Sumire. Have above C inclusive Spirit.

Shino's EndingEdit

  • View her first scene.
  • Give six or more items.
  • Earn 100,000 円 with Shino.

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