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Special RequestEdit

These are intercourse services that disregard a club member's techniques or virginity—only traits determine customer satisfaction. Your earnings are according to request completeness, so prepare customer needs beforehand. Consult below for traits exclusive to Special Request.

Requests Descriptions
容姿♥以上 Beauty must be ranked ♥ or more.
容姿♥以下 Beauty must be ranked ♥ or less.
技量♥以上 Skill must be ranked ♥ or more.
技量♥以下 Skill must be ranked ♥ or less.
精神♥以上 Spirit must be ranked ♥ or more.
精神♥以下 Spirit must be ranked ♥ or less.
処女 Must be a virgin.
非処女 Must not be a virgin.
高部 Must be a high-school student.
中部 Must be a middle-school student.
教員 Must be a teacher.
眼鏡 Must wear glasses.
裸眼 Must not wear glasses.
春風南 Must be Harukaze Minami.
神園すみれ Must be Kamizono Sumire.

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