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Developing TraitsEdit

Traits are means for club members to situationally reinforce their ability to attract and service customers. Most traits are obtainable after servicing certain customers, but some are exclusively innate. For instance, Busty cannot be learned while it is never late to become Stylish. Traits are not gained after obtaining three—use this to your advantage. This effectively gives a club member immunity to some ill effects from customers.

Understanding TraitsEdit

However, traits do not only exploit a customer's fetish. Traits also provide one-time and/or recurring adjustments to a club member's attributes. These are not necessarily positive adjustments though. Collected below are—what the game defines as—the good traits, neutral traits, and bad traits. Note that customers seek traits regardless of those alignments. Furthermore, initial adjustments cannot be offset by items or customers. Grotesque, for instance, prevents reaching beyond C Beauty.

Traits Initial Adjustments Per Service Adjustments
Japanese English Innate Beauty Skill Spirit Beauty Skill Spirit
巨乳 Busty +720 +720
令嬢 Aristocratic +720 -720 -60 -60
ハーフ Half-Blooded +720
おしゃれ Stylish +720 +60
えっち Lewd +720 +60 +60
信仰心 Devoted +360 +60
純真無垢 Innocent +60 +60
素質 Talented +60
従順 Meek +60
気丈 Stouthearted +60
敏感 Sensitive +720 +60 -60
クール Cool +360 -60
三十路 Middle-Aged -720 -60 +60 +60
彼氏あり Betrothed -60
優等生 Scholarly +60
運動部 Athletic +60
実習生 Trainee
補導歴 Delinquent
規格外 Grotesque -8,999 -60
ピアス Pierced -720
外傷 Injured -720 -720 -60 -60 -60
車椅子 Handicapped -5,999 -60
体臭 Malodorous -720 -60
そそう Careless -720 -60
貧乳 Petite -720 -60
病弱 Sickly -720 -720 -60 -60
潔癖症 Fastidious -720 -720 -60 -60
彼女あり Lesbian -720 -720 -60 -60
泣き虫 Whiny -720 -60 -60
絶望 Despairing -5,999 -60 -60 -60

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