Helman Knight
Japanese ヘルマン騎士
Romanization heruman kishi
Race Human
Sex Male (usually)
Class Knight
World The Continent
Strength Medium-High
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03, Kichikuou Rance, Rance Quest, Rance IX}}

About Edit

The Helman Knights are the elite soldiers of the Helman Army, representing the back-bone of the Military of the Helman Empire claimed to be the greatest in the world. They have a higher military ranked than the regular Helman Soldiers, having the authority to lead a platoon or even a small army if they are given the permission by a General.

They are robust, fit and with enormous muscular bodies. They are clad in a very thick and heavy black armor that is made of a very durable steel, granting them a very high defence against physical attacks. The downside is that this armor is very ponderous and limits the movility of its user, however, Helman Knights don't seem to face many difficulties carrying them due to their outstanding physical strength. The average Knight is completely clad in this armor, covering their faces with helmets while wearing gloves and other warm clothing below it to keep them warm in the hostile landscape of Helman. As they are the elite of the military, Generals of the 5 Helman Armies are almost always Helman Knights. 

Due to the prominent sexism and discrimination towards women that there's in Helman, few females join the Army, and most of the ones that do are highly undervalued and underestimated. Women turning into a Helman Knight is an even rarer occurence, with the only examples known being Amitos Armitage and Minerva Margaret. Within Helman it is a natural tradition to have men that show aptitude and potential as a soldier to get dragged to the Military since a young age. Most Helman Knights have gone through an intense and rigorous training for a long time, and have been trained to become the ultimate soldiers. Due to this, they are far stronger and experienced in the battlefield, being roughly 5 times stronger than an average Helman soldier.

They are well-known throughout the continent for being the strongest battalion of foot soldiers. Individually, they are more or less equal to an experienced adventurer, and very few humans in the world are capable of defeating a Helman Knight without sustaining reasonable injuries. Along with their heavy armor, they are usually seen wielding either halberds or heavy swords with just one hand, while carrying a heavy shield with the other. Their expertise with their weapons is also remarkable. Their biggest weakness are their low magical resistance, due to the fact that their armor has a simple design made of regular steel to protect from physical damage, and they are easily taken down by mages, leading them to usually get killed before getting the opportunity to reach the enemy mages. Because of this, they rely heavily in Helman soldiers that wield crossbows and other such ranged weapons, protecting them from those that attempt to take them down and giving the time they need to take down the enemy mages.

Gallery Edit

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