The Helman Empire boasts many cities, as well as countless small towns and villages. Listed here are the major cities and forts located in Helman which have been mentioned in-game or in supplementary material.


List of CitiesEdit

Location Description
Lang Bau The capital of the Helman Empire, and an extravagant symbol of its wealth. Commonly referred to simply as the imperial capital. It was defended by the Third Army.
Great Western Bridge A great bridge spanning the river west of Lang Bau, located south of the city.
Great Northern Bridge A great bridge spanning the river east of Lang Bau, north of the city. Because of its critical location, is one of the last lines of defense for the imperial capital. Despite this, it is sorely lacking in defenses compared to the other points of entry to the Imperial Capital. Helman's Imperial Cemetery is located nearby.
Micrograd A very large city located just east of Lang Bau. It is endowed with heavy fortifications in order to defend the western bridge that leads to the imperial capital.
Parnas A planned city. The First Army was garrisoned here.
Laurengrad A planned city. The Second Army is garrisoned here.
Fort Banra A massive wall spanning hundreds of kilometers, built to guard Helman from the Monster Realm to the west.
Laborie A very well-fortified city located in the southwest part of Helman, with a bridge spanning the river to the east. It is home to a large portion of Helman's armor production industry. Because it is far from Leazas or Zeth however, only a token garrison was stationed to defend it. The Helman Revolution began here when the Revolutionary Army took over the city and made it their base.
Semitap A heavy fortified city located south of the imperial capital. It does not boast great wealth or a large population, but thanks to its critical location, it holds great military value and is considered one of the last lines of defense for Lang Bau. The reason: if an army invading from the east (such as the Leazas Army) wished to attack Lang Bau, they would be forced to either cross the Great Northern Bridge, an easily-defended chokepoint deep within the cold northern wastes, or attack from the south through Semitap.
Great Southern Bridge A great bridge spanning the eastern river, located in the south.
Pawn A fort located in central Helman, southeast of Lang Bau. The fortifications are large and can accommodate many troops, but are old and wouldn't hold up well in a protracted siege. Because of this, it's well-known as a fort which is good to attack from, but not ideal to defend. This may be where its name originates from, as the pawn in chess can only move forward and attack.
Magic Fort

A fort located in the southern reaches of Helman, near the desert. Freak Paraffin had it built when he sat on Helman's council, but even after he was removed from the council, it still served as his personal secret base, being a far-flung outpost not staffed by any troops of the Helman Army. It boasts magic autonomous defense capabilities, including lightning-based weaponry which can hit numerous incoming targets at once.

Kurov A fortified city in northern Helman.
Sorotoi A small fort in northern Helman.
Bhabarovsk Once a mid-sized city with prison camps to hold criminals, it eventually became depopulated and gloomy during the reign of Stessel Romanov. As Stessel had more and more dissidents and undesirables arrested for "treason", the population of the camps swelled. Stessel even allowed the population of these camps to be used (and killed) in the mad scientists Doctor Oama's experiments. With people being whisked away and never returning, as well as dwindling economic prospects and growing crime, citizens began to leave the city for greener pastures. As the camps grew, Bhabarovsk became a shell of its former self, existing mostly as one big prison with empty stores and abandoned buildings.
Twin Fort A fortifcation in northeastern Helman. It's named for its unique design - the fort is actually two separate "twin" forts facing one another, with a road passing between. There is no connection between the two buildings, and the troops in the two forts communicate with one another through the use of signal flags. The outer walls of the buildings are extremely tall and essentially impenetrable, so the only way to effectively assault the fort would be to enter the middle area, which would put the assaulting forces in a position where they can be attacked from two sides. Furthermore, even if one fort falls, the other still stands, and if the enemy is aiming at the ranking officer or some other single objective, they can't know which fort of the two it's in.

During the Helman Revolution, Rance and Sanada Tourin came up with an idea to circumvent these defenses by using gliders to attack the fort from above, and Tourin cleverly analyzed the patterns of the signal flags to determine which fort Lelyukov Berkov, then-commander of the First Army, was in.

Cossack A very well-fortified city in eastern Helman. During the Helman Revolution, the former councillors Shitak Russeau and Suva Goya were imprisoned here by Prime Minister Stessel Romanov. The Fourth Army was once stationed here.

A large city in eastern Helman, considered its major urban center. It has a long and rich cultural history, and so it carries great economic and social value for Helman. It is endowed with with superb defenses which allowed the First Army to repel numerous attacks by the Outlaws during the revolution. However, because of the city's large population and great cultural value, the First Army was forced by the Helman council to leave the city so that it would not become ruined or depopulated by war.

Sudori 13 A fairly large city in southern Helman, considered to be the major city in the south. The ground around the city is muddy, and the streets within the city are narrow, so it is very easily defensible. The Fourth Army was once stationed here, until it became a second base of the Revolutionary Army during the Helman Revolution.
Borgo Z A prospering metropolis of over 100,000 people, located near the borders with Leazas and Zeth. Because most trade entering or leaving the country comes through it, the city is thriving and many people from other countries live or pass through here.

In Kichikuou Rance, it is a prison city. Sill and Soul Less are held here after being arrested.

Log A A small fortified city located at the foot of the Barao mountains, in the north.
Log B A small fortified city located at the foot of the Barao mountains, in the south.