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The Hero Arios

The last known hero, Arios The-O-Man.

The Hero System is a part of the Planner Scenario, it is a failsafe system for humanity, giving one human the power to rise up and save the species from oppression or genocide.

Like the Demon King, the Hero is a specialized individual granted powers designed by Supreme God Planner. When humanity is in danger, the Hero takes up the Heroic Blade Escude and attempts to challenge that which threatens mankind.

Only one Hero can exist at any given point, their "term" lasts 7 years, from the age 13 to the age 20, any perks that come with beings the Hero are lost on the individual's 20th birthday. A new Hero is selected on the same day that the previous Hero loses his abilities, and all of those abilities are transferred to the new Hero. The Hero is always popular with the opposite sex, as they're considered to be the embodiment of admirable traits.

Historically speaking, the Hero first appeared when Demon King Nighcisa was in the middle of his genocidal rampage against humanity, the tables were turned on the Monster Army and Nighcisa was mortally wounded in battle with the Hero of that era. The most recently known Hero, Arios Theoman, turned 20 in LP0004 and lost all of his abilities, the current Hero is unknown.

While considered the symbol of hope to regular humans, the Hero is actually a simple failsafe system designed by Planner, with a "limiter" that reduces powers in peacetime, but grants absurd power based on mortality rate. Only once in history has the death toll been high enough to grant the Hero the power to slay the Demon King, this was during Nighcisa's reign and even then the Hero was unable to actually kill the Demon King, only landing a heavy blow.

The final rung on the "limiter" ladder grants the "power to kill God", this means that the Heroic Blade can strike down Gods and even the Three Supreme Gods but for this to be activated, the population of beings with souls must be reduced to extremely low numbers. The Demon King and all of the Dark Lords need to be dead as well.

Obviously, plenty of people such as Rance can be self-proclaimed heroes, but they are not the same Hero designed by Supreme God Planner.

Traits of a HeroEdit

Unlike normal humans, the Hero has a variety of great power:

  • Any attacks or special moves the Hero sees once, he can avoid it forever.
  • The Hero will always survive, no matter how deadly the situation.
  • The Hero tends to be unlucky, but gains luck in desperate situations.
  • The Hero levels up slowly, but never drops levels.
  • The Hero is attractive to the oppposite sex.
  • The Hero is accompanied by a girl named Cola, the Hero guide.
  • The Hero manifests his power at the age of 13, and loses them at 20.
  • The Hero is chosen at random, and is instantly chosen when the previous Hero loses his abilities.

The Heroic Blade: Escude SwordEdit

Normally rusted and useless, the Escude Sword is the one that limits the Hero's real power and potential. The Heroic Blade Escude is fitted with a limiter that causes its power to vary based on global population and human mortality.

The Heroic Guide, Cola, has a small pocket-watch compass with a needle that points to the current section that Escudo falls under, the area the needle points to varies in real-time based on souls in circulation and living humans.

The Escude Sword is separated into 5 modes of power:

  1. Dust Mode - 10% of humanity is dead, the sword is now usable. It's a good sword but has nothing special.
  2. Hesitant Mode - 30% of humanity is dead, the Invincibility Field of Dark Lords can be pierced
  3. Instantaneous Mode - 50% of humanity is dead, the Sword's power is equal to the Demon King's.
  4. Godly Friction Mode - 80% of humanity is dead, the Sword's power is equal to that of a 1st Class God. The Demon King and the Dark Lords must be dead as well.
  5. Tranquil Nirvana Mode - The hero is the last living being on The Continent. The Sword's power is equal the Three Supreme Gods and the opportunity to fight them is enabled.

The last mode was the idea of Ludo-Rathowm, who thought it might be funny if it ever comes down to it.

History of the Hero SystemEdit

NC0??? - Demon King Nighcisa was ravaging the continent, humanity was dying off at a rapid pace. Planner decide that Nighcisa had "claimed the lives of too many", and created the Hero System to counteract him.

NC0900 - The Hero faces off against Demon King Nighcisa, reducing his lifespan.

GL???? - The Hero can't do anything as Demon King Gele had been warned about the system and subsequently created human farms to keep human population at an all time high.

Gl0500 - The Hero, wielding the Holy Sword Nikkou, battles the newly revived Dark Lord Xavier. The Hero fataly wounds Xavier, and is about to land the final blow, when he turns 20 years old. With no powers to use, and in shock at this revelation, he is quickly turned into a fleshy paste by Xavier.

GL0940 - The Hero defeats Dark Lord RedEye at the Zeth Maazel Line.

LP0003 - The Hero, Arios Theoman, storms the AL Church, defeats Dark Lords Satella and La Hawzel, but cannot bring himself to kill the Little Princess.

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