"Huh. Males are all such savages."

An obstinate, high class young lady. A year ago, she took the seat of her older brother, Himenomiya Kouhi, who was the general president of the School League. She is doing her best carrying out inspections all over the country and proceeding with negotiations with every group, but so far her efforts haven't borne any fruit. She is stubborn in excess of her station, and more than she needs to be, but she really is a lonely, pampered child. She is a burakon, and not good with the opposite sex but feels that Rouga looks like her older brother, and begins to fall for him.

Battle quote -

  • "Oh, you seek to stop me?"
  • "Just to let you know, but when I'm done you won't even be a rock on the wayside."


  • She have a brother who is dead. At Big Bang Age Intro, you can see his RIP.

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