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Beginning - Unrecorded EraEdit

Kkulf Kkulf Era - (KuKu0001~KuKu2014)Edit

Avel Era - (AV001~AV721)Edit

Ssulal Era - (SS001~SS500)Edit

  • SS0001 - A female human called Ssulal is appointed as the next Demon King by Supreme God Planner.
  • SS???? - Ludo-Rathowm appears as a deity for a human religion, writing Genesis Documents himself that tell about the creation of The Continent. However, he eventually gets tired of it and the religion dies out.
  • SS???? - Ssulal hears about a Legendary Insect User called Galtia. Intrigued, she meets him and turns him into a Dark Lord.
  • SS0420 - A girl of the Kalar race called Kesselring comes across Ssulal and consumes her blood, turning into a Dark Lord and changing into a man as a result of the transformation. He vows servitude to his new master.
  • SS0??? - The mentally gifted but physically weak Ssulal seeks to find a way to avoid being killed in combat. She finds a way to contact with Supreme God Planner and requests for an Invincibility Field. Her wish is granted, being the Demon King and Dark Lords now immune to all attacks, but the Demon King System is altered to have a fixed lifespan of 1000 years in exchange.
  • SS0500 - Being the experimental prototype for the new system she dies within 500 years rather than 1000. She's reduced to a pool of blood and is never seen again.
    • The Ssulal Era ends.

Nighcisa Era - (NC001~NC960)Edit

  • NC0001 - A male human called Nighcisa is appointed as the next Demon King by Supreme God Planner.
  • NC???? - A talented mage scientist called Kestina creates an anti-Dark Lord weapon system called RedEye, a parasitic gem with immense magic potential that can help humanity fight against the Demon King.
    • NC???? - Nighcisa hears about the project and steals the gem for himself. He makes an experiment and pours his blood into it, which turns the tool RedEye into a Dark Lord.
  • NC???? - An outstanding boy with a genius mind called Pi-R manages to lead armies of humanity to fight back against the Demon King. He invents a technology capable of forcefully extracting a Demonic Blood Soul from a Dark Lord, but uses it to consume the Blood Soul instead, turning into a Dark Lord as a result.
  • NC???? - A Fire Kappa monster called Xavier becomes a Dark Lord upon drinking Nigchisa's blood.
  • NC???? - An Oni called Lexington becomes a Dark Lord upon drinking Nigchisa's blood.
  • NC0321 - The Great Eastern Earthquake takes place after the Holy Beast Orochi rampaged. A piece of land is separated from The Continent, but Orochi burrowed into its earth to become its support and avoid its fall. A country called JAPAN is founded in this separated land.
  • NC04?? - The 2nd Class Goddess Amaterasu, manager of Hell, accidentally makes an irreversible mistake and Hell Holes start popping up in JAPAN.
  • NC0661 - Fujiwara Ishimaru is born in JAPAN.
    • NC06?? - At some point Fujiwara allies with the 1st Youkai King, Kurobe, and with a Devil who founded the Tenshi Sect, Geppei.
    • NC068X - Fujiwara Ishimaru ventures into a Hell Hole and steals the Emperor Artifacts from the Oni
    • NC0700 - Fujiwara Ishimaru becomes the first man to display the position of the Emperor after unifying JAPAN under the flag of the Fujiwara House. He starts expanding all over The Continent and conquering most of its lands, spreading Tenshiism as a religion along with Geppei.
    • NC0705 - Half of The Continent belongs to Ishimaru, which leads the Gods to panic since Tenshiism is a religion founded by Devils to steal Souls from the Reincarnation Cycle. They ask Demon King Nighcisa to kill the Emperor Fujiwara, who tasks one of the Four Elite Dark Lords, Xavier, to attack Fujiwara with an army of 2 million monsters. A massive war is fought between the two forces, but Fujiwara's side continuously suffers crushing defeats. Dark Lord Xavier kills the Youkai King Kurobe in the battlefield.
    • NC0706 - Fujiwara Ishimaru and Geppei fight against Dark Lord Xavier himself in a fierce battle. Fujiwara is finally beheaded by Xavier, but the battle left the Dark Lord exhausted and vulnerable, giving Geppei the opportunity to use a spell to seal Xavier.
    • NC07?? - The Fujiwara House still rules JAPAN with Geppei as the head, but with the Emperor's death, they no longer hold influence over the rest of The Continent and other nations are founded from rebellious spits. Geppei spends the last years of his life spreading Tenshiism over JAPAN and passing down tecniques to keep Xavier sealed.
  • NC08XX - Many houses within JAPAN start fighting for the position of the Emperor. The 1st Sengoku Era starts in JAPAN.
  • NC0901 - The Opiros Empire, humanity's greatest military nation of the time, wages war to Demon King Nighcisa. It ignites a conflict with the Demon King that would be known as the Death Toll War.
  • NC090? - The Death Toll War brings devastating deaths to humanity, to the point at least 50% of the entire human population is brutally murdered by the Demon King
    • NC090? - Supreme God Planner goes to a panicking frenzy upon seeing Nighcisa crush the Protagonist Race. To prevent the complete extermination of humans, he designs the Hero System, meant to give an individual more power based on human mortality in order to fight the Demon King in grim situations.
    • NC09?? - The Hero unlocks the Instantaneous Mode of the Hero System, which puts him on par with the Demon King in power. He challenges Nighcisa to a fight, but the battle of divine proportions ends with the Demon King's victory, yet he's left with a wound so deep that it shaves 40 years of his lifespan.
    • NC0960 - Being in the last years of his life, Nighcisa has been searching for a heir to become the next Demon King. He disguises himself and goes for a walk. He finds a girl named Gele on the cusp of death by the side of the road. Feeling compassion and pity for the first time, Nighcisa gives her his blood, tells her of the Hero System and dies shortly after.
      • The Nighcisa Era ends.

Gele Era - (GL0001~GL1004)Edit

  • GL0001 - A human girl named Gele that was at the verge of death becomes the Demon King after being appointed by Nighcisa.
  • GL0002 - Born from an incomparable bloodlust and hate towars humans, Gele destroys every human nation in the world and reduces humans to a life of slavery.
  • GL???? - The Hero System is made worthless, since Gele had been warned about it and subsequently established thousands of human farms to keep human population at an all time high.
  • GL???? - Demon King Gele comes across an Earth Dragon that was hiding himself called Noce. She gives him her blood, turning him into a Dark Lord as a result.
  • GL???? - Demon King Gele turns a human called Lei into a Dark Lord.
  • GL???? - Demon King Gele turns a Maneshita guy monster called Sieg into a Dark Lord.
  • GL???? - Demon King Gele turns a Hebi-san gal monster called Medusa into a Dark Lord.
  • GL???? - 2nd Class Goddess La Vaswald is deemed too dangerous for the mortal realm and is destroyed by Supreme Gods Planner and Roven-Pan, who splitted the Goddess into two Angels called La Saizel and La Hawzel. They are given to Gele as a gift, who turned them into Dark Lords as a result.
  • GL05?? - A man called Ithere becomes a Dark Lord, vowing service to Gele.
  • GL05?? - A group called the Legendary Five is formed by the hero British. They are five extremely talented and powerful adventurers who joined in an effort to defeat Demong King Gele, and travel all over the world for a way to break their Invincibility Field.
  • GL0533 - The Legendary Five enter in the Ancient Ruins, thinking they might find a clue. After going through many dangers, they manage to reach to the bottom of it and find a way to enter in a God's Gate, but British is mortally wounded along the way. The four remaining reach the Gods Realm and meet Supreme God Planner, who offers to grant them a wish each.
    • Nikkou and Chaos wished for the power to defeat Dark Lords and the Demon King.
    • Ho-Raga wished for the "ultimate knowledge" about Dark Lords .
    • Café, who harbored romantic affection towards British, secretly wished for "ultimate beauty".
      • They were teleported outside of the dungeon, separated from each other in different parts of the world. When they woke up, they realized they had lost their humanity and their wishes were twisted to the will of Planner. They were also given immortality, even though they didn't ask for it. They were never seen again and their tale remained untold.
        • Wishing the power to slay the Demon King and Dark Lords, Chaos and Nikkou were turned into Demon killing swords with the ability to break the invincibility field of the Dark Lords, but reduced as nothing more than sentient swords, they can't do anything without a wielder.
        • In wishing for ultimate knowledge of Dark Lords, Ho-Raga was instead given full knowledge about everything in the world. Growing eternally bored over the concept of reality where there's nothing to learn, and where humans are nothing but puppets for the Gods' amusement. He locked himself in his tower and never came out.
        • Café could not find happiness with her ultimate beauty. She realized all the men who desired her wished so out of pure lust, and no one loved her truly. She was imprisoned by a Royal family for three generations for her beauty, and used as a political asset for hundreds of years.
      • British, who was the only member that didn't meet Planner, fell into a trap set by the magician Shin that was defeated by The Legendary Five previously. He used all his magic power and life force to set the "Concrete Curse" in British, trapping him in a concrete wall for eternity.
  • GL???? - An incredibly powerful and talented spell-blader named Gi finds Chaos and uses him in an attempt to kill Demon King Gele. However Gi, who suffers of a split personality disorder, changes mid-battle and Gele takes the opportunity to turn him into a Dark Lord. She falls in love with Gi and he becomes his personal lover.
  • GL???? - Close to the end of her reign, Gele starts to fear death and searches for a way to become an Eternal Demon King. She contacts with Supreme God Planner and makes her wish. The God grants her wish but reduces her power to only 5% in exchange.
  • GL1000 - The Demon King War begins. Growing ambitious to become the next Demon King, Gi takes advantage of Gele's weakened state and wields Chaos once again in a war against Gele.
  • GL1004 - The Demon King War ends after Gi manages to defeat Gele and pierces her heart with Chaos, using a spell to seal her in an alternate void dimension as a result.
    • The Gele Era ends.

Gi Era - (GI0001~GI1015)Edit

  • GI0001 - After piercing Gele's heart, Gi is bathed in so much of her blood that he becomes the next Demon King as a result.
    • In the same year, Xavier was revived in JAPAN but using sealing tecniques left behind by Geppei, he was sealed again by the JAPANese.
  • GI0020 - A female warrior called Silky Littleraisin storms Gi's castle. After killing many monsters and evading defenses, she manages to reach Gi and demands that he frees humanity from the oppression that Gele thrusted upon them. Impressed with her, Gi agrees and invites her to become a Dark Lord, which she accepts.
  • GI0024 - Gi frees humanity from slavery and divides The Continent in two areas. The Monster Realm and the human territories.
  • GI???? - An Oni called Babolat becomes a Dark Lord upon drinking Gi's blood.
  • GI???? - A human girl called Warg Aka becomes a Dark Lord upon drinking Gi's blood.
  • GI01?? - After Gi released humans, many in JAPAN began to form clans and fight for dominance, resulting in the 2nd Sengoku Era. It ended with a peace treaty between the two top houses, the Heishi House and the Genji House.
  • GI0294 - Freak Paraffin is born.
  • GI0327 - Luca Rune is born.
    • GI03?? - Rune meets an elder Freak in a magic academy, becoming fast friends and refering to him as his mentor. Afraid of seeing his beloved friend die, he researchs in Death Magic desperate to find a way to prevent his death.
    • GI0350 - Rune invents Biometal Magic, a new form of magic that allows to metallize body cells and grant physical immortality in the process. 
    • GI0353 - Rune and Freak gather a total of 100 mages from all over The Continent and found the Magic Sect.
    • GI0360 - The Balshin Empire declare war to the Magic Sect, which leads to a conflict known as The War of the Iron Soldiers. It ends in only three days with the Sect's overwhelming victory.
    • GI0363 - In only three years, the Magic Sect expanded and conquered every human nation in The Continent, effectively unifying the human race under one organization for the first time in history.
    • GI03?? - Luca Rune changes his name to M.M Rune, standing for Magic Master Rune.
    • GI03?? - From the Biometal magic, the Tousho program is created, an invention that allows to turn humans into robot-like creatures and live forever, also boosting their fighting prowess.
    • GI03?? - Tousho Bustat becomes famous for single-handedly slaughtering an army of 2000 monsters. Recruits for the Tousho program skyrocket.
    • GI0389 - War machines of immense power called Toushin are built by the Sect. The organization changes its name to Holy Magic Sect after they finished constructing the first Toushin.
    • GI0420 - The Dark Lord War breaks out, a conflict between the armies of the Monster Realm and the Holy Magic Sect. A total of 20 Toushin were built to fight with the Dark Lords and the Demon King
    • GI0451 - The War with the Dark Lords has left devastating results to humans and many start revolting against the Sect. M.M Rune enters in a blind fury and orders that all "barbarians", humans incapable of using magic that aren't part of the Sect, should be deemed as enemies. Toushin and Tousho are used against regular humans.
      • ​Toushin Upsilon destroys a certain kingdom, but Freak Paraffin manages to save its princess just in time and turns her into a Tousho. The former princess, called Replica Misly, aids Freak, who attempts to betray his trusted friend to stop his madness.
        • GI0452 - Freak Paraffin, Replica Misly and Hanty Kalar, manage to assassinate M.M Rune in the holy capital Detna Luca. Freak and Hanty become living legends.
          • With Rune's death ​the Holy Magic Sect crumbles completely and the Dark Lord War ends. Many nations start rising as a result.
          • JAPAN enters in its 3rd Sengoku Era. 
          • With the Sect's fall, a 400 years period of persecution towards mages began from people who held a grudge against mages for the actions of the Holy Magic Sect.
            • These ​persecutions were greatly influenced and orchested by the Goddess ALICE, who convinced believers of the AL Church that everything related to the Holy Magic Sect was an evil force that had to be purged.
  • GI0455 - Under the leadership of Ashikaga Takauji, the Ashikaga House unifies JAPAN and ends the Sengoku period.
  • GI0460 - The Houjou House in JAPAN manages to use Yin Yang arts to seal Hell Holes that pop in JAPAN and fight back the Oni.
  • GI0500 - Dark Lord Xavier is unsealed again, this time using Apostles to ravage JAPAN and taking Tenshiism into account. The country is saved by the Hero of the Era wielding the Holy Katana Nikkou, one of the only two swords capable of slaying Dark Lords. A weakened Xavier is sealed by the Tenshi Sect monks again and splitted into 8 different gourds, guarded by different Houses of JAPAN.
  • GI0513 - Kakutomi Kite is born as a human male.
  • GI0532 - An incredibly strong man called Zanageth Helman founds the Helman Republic after defeating many nations in 1 on 1 duels betting each others territories.
  • GI0533 - The unreasonable series of battles Zanageth went through left him in a very delicate health state and passed away as a result.
  • GI0534 - A rebellion led by Gross Leazas takes place, who conquers the fertile land to the east and founds the Kingdom of Leazas.
  • GI0544 - Unable to permit their independance, Helman attacks Leazas, which leads to the 1st Helman-Leazas War. Helman destroys Leazas with the overwhelming difference in military forces but the territory is not reconquered.
  • GI0554 - The 2nd Helman-Leazas War takes place, which ends with Helman's victory and destruction and pillaging for Leazas.
  • GI0564 - The 3rd Helman-Leazas War takes place, which Helman wins yet again.
  • GI0574 - The 4rd Helman-Leazas War  takes place, however, Helman is incapable of winning this war after an amazing tactician appears on Leazas side, whose heroic achievements allow the Leazas Army to repel the Helman Army through unconventional strategies.
  • GI0584 - The 5rd Helman-Leazas War  takes place, this time being Leazas the one that attacks Helman. However, the overwhelming military difference makes it impossible for Leazas to win in Helman territory, and the conflict ends with a peace treaty between the two nations.
  • GI0618 - Based on a recent research, the Miko Institute is established to supress the magnitude of earthquakes caused by Orochi in JAPAN.
  • GI0715 - Full Kalar becomes the Kalar Queen.
  • GI0762 - Dark Lord Babora, who had been reduced to a Demonic Blood Soul during a battle with Toushin Zeta in the Dark Lord War, manages to revive.
  • GI0797 - An elite platoon from the small Dellas Kingdom, with Sanakia Drelshkalf among them, is sent to the floating land of Ylapu in an effort to find a weapon from the Holy Magic Sect that would allow them to fight bigger countries. Contact with the platoon is lost and the country perishes soon after.
  • GI0800 - The Southern Proxy War takes place. Armies of Leazas and Helman start fighting to claim territory to the south of The Continent. A young mage called Parsley rises with her comrades to stop the battle. She's also backed up by Dark Lord Berksham, and his Apostles, and an excavated Tousho.
  • GI0802 - Parsley and her group manage to end the war, repelling the armies of Leazas and Helman. She founds the Kingdom of Zeth as a result, where many mages that had suffered persecution and discrimination since the fall of the Holy Magic Sect gathered.
  • GI0808 - The MoeMoe Kingdom is annexed into the Kingdom of Zeth.
  • GI0810 - Vivid Kalar becomes the Kalar Queen.
  • GI0813 - The "Kayblis Dark Year" takes place. Dark Lord Kayblis ravages the Kingdom of Zeth, exterminating a large portion of its population and leaving scarce resources. The name of Kayblis now strikes deep fear into the people of Zeth.
  • GI0815 - The "Medusa Dark Year" takes place. Dark Lord Medusa ravages the Kingdom of Zeth, brutally murdering many people in horrifying and gruesome ways. The name of Medusa now strikes deep fear into the people of Zeth. A defensive system called the Mazeel Line starts being constructed to prevent more invasions from the Monster Realm.
  • GI0816 - The 1st Helman-Zeth War takes place. Unable to crush Leazas anymore, Helman tries to conquer the emerging nation weakened from the attacks of the Monster Realm. However, since defeat for Zeth would mean mages would lose their place in the world again, the motivated nation manages to band together and repel the invading army. The conflict ends after all the magicians in the country gathered to use a forbidden spell that turned the area between Helman and Zeth into a huge desert. The desert prevents more conflicts between Zeth and Helman to take place.
  • GI08?? - A man captures the Holy Gal Monster of Earth, Housesnurse, and uses her to establish an independent country in the desert, which is given the name of Shangri-La.
  • GI0845 - The Mazeel Line is finally finished after 30 years. It protects Zeth from a Demon Army of the Monster Realm.
  • GI0847 - The 2nd Medusa Dark Year almost happens, but the Mazeel Line pulls back the invading army.
  • GI0850 - Demon King Gi starts searching for a suitable heir. He goes on a sex-spree to give birth to one. His daughter Hornet is the only one that shows potential and starts raising her to become the next Demon King.
  • GI0859 - Gi brings a 9 years old Satella to become Hornet's playmate and they become quick friends.
  • GI0860 - Gi turns both Satella and his daugther Hornet into Dark Lords. He starts giving his daugther special education for her future role as the Demon King.
  • GI0885 - The 6th Helman-Leazas War breaks out. However, with the desert in the middle of The Continent, both countries are left only with the option of invading the other through the mountains that border the two nations. The difficulty both countries face trying to reach the other through such a harsh and narrow passage ends the war in a stalemate.
  • GI0888 - The Zeth-Leazas War breaks out. Now with a more solid and stable military, Zeth attempts to invade Leazas territory to get away from the Monster Realm. The invading army advances all the way through the Free Cities and reach Leazas' capital, but the conflict ends with a peace treaty after the King of Zeth is assassinated.
  • GI0898 - Satella builds her best guardian, Caesar.
  • GI0910 - The Ashikaga House crumbles in JAPAN, which ignites the 4th Sengoku Era.
  • GI0912 - The RedEye Dark Year takes place in Zeth. Dark Lord RedEye hijacks the Mazeel Line and attacks the country with a Demon Army for many years.
  • GI0920 - Modern Kalar becomes the Kalar Queen.
  • GI0929 - Gimangum becomes the pope of the AL Church.
  • GI0940 - The operation "Bomb the Mazeel Line" is executed by the Hero of the Era. Wielding the holy katana Nikkou, he repels RedEye from the Mazeel Line. A project to enhance the Mazeel Line starts, and its name changes to Maginot Line.
  • GI0979 - Am Isuel becomes the first female pope of the AL Church, but she abandons her position soon after.
  • GI0980 - After 40 years of work, the Maginot Line is finished in Zeth
  • GI0980 - Dark Lord Kayblis and Dark Lord Ray have a disagreement that ends with a fierce battle. Kayblis savagely wounds Ray with minimal effort and leaves him to die.
  • GI0988 - Prince Patton is born in Helman from a concubine called Paelina Misnarge.
  • GI0998 - Rance is born.
  • GI1000 - Lia Parapara Leazas is born in Leazas.
  • GI1002 - A young boy is brought to the small village known as Gomorrah Town by a One-Armed Knight. The One-Armed Knight dies shortly afterwards. The boy, who calls himself Rance, is taken in by the chief of the village.
  • GI1005 - Princess Sheila is born in Helman from the marriage between the Emperor and Pamela Helman.
  • GI1011 - The National Extermination of Foreign Culture takes place in Zeth. Insect Users, Druids and Lycarmen are hunted down and genocided.
  • GI1012 - In JAPAN, the Great Youkai War breaks out, led by the second Youkai King Kyouseikyuubi Matsuchi-joten (later known as Omachi). One Eyed Masamune managed to quell her violent rampage and became the third Youkai King, leading the majority of youkai to the northlands, away from the humans.
  • GI1013 - Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi becomes the King of Zeth.
  • GI1014 - Rance joins the Keith Guild.
  • GI1015 - The Conflict at the Parapara Fort takes place. Helman and Zeth form an alliance to invade Leazas but they are pulled back by the Leazas Red Corps led by Rick Addison. The fierce counter offensive employed by the man who earned the title of "Red Death of Leazas" after this battle and discommunication between Helman and Zeth were the causes for the victory of Leazas.
    • ​In the same year, Demon King Gi, whose era is about to end, kidnaps Miki Kurusu from the universe 3E2 and makes her into the next Demon King, dying soon after. He leaves a letter telling his dying will to his daughter Hornet, in which he states: "Protect Miki, make her the next Demon King, and establish peaceful coexistence with humans".
      • Hornet was willing to follow his father's last will, but Dark Lord Kayblis was enraged by his decision and formed a force of Dark Lords called the Kayblis Faction dedicated to finding and murdering Miki and turn Kayblis into the Demon King instead. Hornet made her own Hornet Faction to protect Miki and with the objective of turning her into the next Demon King.
      • Civil War breaks out between the two factions of Dark Lords in the Monster Realm.
        • The Gi Era ends.

Little Princess Era - (LP0001~Present)Edit

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