History Edit

  • Before the sect was founded - Swordplay is considered the epitome of honor and strength. Magic users, no matter how powerful, are reviled and considered to be dishonorable cheats.
  • GI0327 - Luca Rune is born.
  • GI0350 - Rune discovers a way to metalize body cells, granting physical immortality through the process. He dubbed his discovery "Biometal".
  • GI0353 - The Magic Sect is founded.
  • GI0360 - The Balshin Empire wages war on the Magic Sect. The conflict is known as the War of the Iron Soldiers, which ended with an overwhelming victory for the Sect.
  • GI0363 - Humanity is completely unified for the first time in history by the Magic Sect.
  • GI0389 - The nation is renamed to Holy Magic Sect after the construction of the first Toushin α.
  • GI0390-419 - The Holy Magic Sect continue construction in a bid to defeat the Dark Lords, the 19th Toushin Toshi is constructed, work begins on the 20th, Toushin Toshi Upsilon.
  • GI0420 - The Dark Lord War breaks out. For the last 30 years the sect built 19 Toushin cities and start working on the 20th, Toushin Toshi Upsilon.
  • GI0451 - M.M. Rune enters a blind fury. Tousho and Toushin are used against humans and Dark Lords alike.
  • GI0452 - Rune dies at the hands of a trusted friend, aided by a "Black Haired Kalar", whose names are forever stained in history. The Dark Lord war ends and the Holy Magic Sect collapses.

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