After the Dark Lord War The people blamed the mages as the cause for the Dark Lord War, and persecuted magicians and banned the magic culture.
GI0800 Southern Proxy War.  Leazas, Helman, and a faction backed by the Demons waged war in the region for control
GI0802 The faction backed by the Demons won.  The kingdom of Zeth was founded as the haven for magicians.
GI0808 The MoeMoe kingdom was annexed into the kingdom of Zeth.
GI0813 "Kayblis Dark".  As Zeth struggled to hold ground against the two nations, Kayblis infiltrated Zeth with a monster army, and ravaged the land for three months.
GI0815 "Medusa Dark". For one year, Medusa ravaged the land of Zeth. This started the Maazel Line project.
GI0816 Zeth-Helman War. Zeth was weakened from the Demon attacks, but the entire nation banded to overcome the Hellman invasion army. Zeth magicians used a forbidden spell to turn a large area into a barren desert, shielding them from any further invasion. Thus the Kinani Desert to the north was formed.
GI0845 Maazel Line was completed.  30 years of hard work came to fruition.
GI0847 Zeth successfully defended the borders from invasion of the demon army.
GI0888 Zeth-Leazas War. The Zeth invasion forces ravage through the Free Cities region, and advances all the way to the Leazas capital.  However, the King of Zeth was assassinated and the war ends with a peace treaty.
GI0912 "RedEye Dark" Demon RedEye takes control of the Maazel Line, and his army devastates the nation.
GI0913 The Anti-magician forces rebel in Zeth.  After the rebellion was suppressed, the class system between the magicians and regular citizens was formed.
GI0940 Operation Destruction Maazel Line.  The Hero manages to defeat the Demon RedEye.  To prevent this from happening again, construction of Maginot Line starts.
GI0956 Pentagon is formed.  They lead the terrorist organization in Zeth.
GI0972 The Royal Museum of Zeth is built.
GI0980 The Maginot Line is completed, after 40 years of construction and majority of the national budget spent.
GI1011 National extermination of foreign culture project. Insect users, Druids, and Lycarmen (lycanthropean transformers) are hunted and genocided.
GI1013 Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi ascends to the throne.
GI1014 Four Lords system is implemented, and Chizuko Yamada, Magic The Gandhi, and Nagi Su Ragarl are appointed for the position.
GI1015 Papaya Server is appointed to a Four Lord.
LP0002 The December Revolution. A massive coup d'État by combined forces of Pentagon and Anti-Gandhi noble factions. Ice Flame splits off from the group.
LP0003 Demon Army is defeated at Maginot Line. The Maginot Line is activated for the first time. Demon Kamilla's forces were reduced from 100,000 to 50,000, and is forced to retreat.
LP0004 "The Fall of Zeth" (Rance 6).  Maginot Line was taken over by the Demon army, and manages to conquer most of Zeth. Ice Flame led by Rance, and backed by the Leazas army strikes back, and eventually overthrows the Demon army from Zeth.