The Horus were a technologically advanced civilization that crash landed on the continent approximately 4200 years ago. They were an advance civilization, but all their culture and technology was lost when they crashed in the continent.

Most of them survived the accident, and they live on in the northern part of Helman today, but they have devolved into a primitive tribal state. Since their current home consists of a frozen wasteland, it can be presumed that they have a great ability to adapt to harsh environments and can live confortably in incredibly low temperatures. They are humanoid and insect-like in appearance, with wings on their backs that allows them to fly at high speeds. Green Horus are the males while light-red ones are the female, and their children are born from small crystalloid eggs.

Dark Lord Meglass was previously a Horus, and is the only "true" Horus that remains in the current day.

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