Italia is the name of a major city in the northern side of the Kingdom of Zeth. It's divided in two districts, one for 1st Class Citizens and another one for the 2nd Class, resulting in a huge disparity between the two sectors. Prior to the Collapse of Zeth it had around 1,500,000 people living on it, of which 100,000 were 1st class and the remaining 1,400,000 were 2nd Class, and it was under the control of the Secretary of Finance Zulki Crown. The Zeth Central Bank is in the city of Italia, containing a considerable portion of Zeth's national funds in GOLD.

Due to the high number of lower class citizens inhabiting a large city like this, it is an urban area with high levels of poverty and criminal activity. Water supply and sewage systems are not properly developed, nor they function properly and the sanitary condition is subpar.

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