Japanese ジャバラ
Romanization jabara
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monsters
World Mamatoto
Strength Medium
Appeared in Rance VI, Mamatoto, Galzoo Island, Sengoku Rance}}

About Edit

are, usually blue, corpulent monsters with long arms and a big fat belly. It looks like they don't have eyes, but they are actually hidden beneath their face. 

They are very strong physical fighters, with very well rounded stats in offense, defense and speed. They are fist fighters, relying on punching their opponents to death. They are capable of extending their arms to hit their opponents, granting them a higher range that allows them to attack enemies that hide themselves in the backrow.

Their origin goes back to a mysterious creature that lives in another universe called the Jabara Queen. She's a cruel, unforgiving queen of monsters, but her outstanding beauty makes that easy to forget. It is said that even if someone was able to remember that her good looks are maintained by the flesh of ten young boys and girls a year, they would likely not care when face to face with her. Such people becomes slaves of her beauty, and turn into the creature that is known as Jabara, a monster who would not even fear death if it was for her. 

They are originally from the Mamatoto universe, but they sometimes also slip through the universes and end in The Continent. They are pretty rare, but not unseen.


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