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Long live Leazas!!

—Jibul Makutomi, pledging his loyalty to Leazas.

Jibul Makutomi
Japanese ジブル・マクトミ
Romanization jiburu makutomi
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Soldier
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas, Leazas Black Corps, Leazas Rebel Army
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance


Jibul Makutomi is a high-ranking commander of the Leazas Black Corps.

Jibul has to date only appeared in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance, where he, along with his colleagues Sakanaku Tenka and Dodge Evans, joins the Leazas Rebel Army formed by General Ex Banquet in opposition of Rance, the recently crowned King of Leazas. While Jibul can be killed in battle when fighting against the rebellion, it is possible to spare him by avoiding defeating Haurein Province, Melfeis Promenade and Pegasus Fort in combat until retaking the rebellion's base in Oaks. If spared, Jibul will not make any further appearances within the story, suggesting that he either resumed his normal duties within the Black Corps after the rebellion's failure or was expelled from the army due to betraying his country.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Jibul is a fairly young man with shoulder-length brown hair that has a distinct orange-colored cowlick at the forehead. His clothing consists of the standard uniform for a soldier of the Black Corps. 

While very little is known about Jibul's personality, he appears to be a devoted and passionate patriot who is willing to turn his back on his allies in order to do what he believes is the right thing for his country, all the while proudly declaring his love for Leazas until his death. 

Abilities Edit


Jibul is a talented man who can command a large group of soldiers with ease.

Though almost nothing is known about Jibul's talents, he appears to be quite young for a person of his rank in the military, suggesting that he possesses a large amount of talent and potential when compared to most other soldiers. During the rebellion, he led a large army of 800 soldiers, showing that he is able to skillfully lead a large number of troops unaided.

Trivia Edit

  • He bears a close physical resemblance to the character of Barth Barbato from the game Toushin Toshi II, most notably in his thick eyebrows, prominent sideburns and distinct discolored cowlick. Whether this is intended to be a reference to the character or is merely coincidental is unknown.