Japanese じょにぃ
Romanization jonii
Level God Johnny
Race Gods
Sex Male
Class Level God
World The Continent
Affiliation Gods, Maria Custard, Canaan, Mishela
Appeared in Rance IV, Ouji-sama Lv1, Ouji-sama Lv2, Persiom
Mentioned in Rance 03
My name's Johnny! Pleased to meet you! I don't like for-ma-li-ty when I'm summoned, 'kay? 'Hey, Johnny, c'moooon....!' That's how I'd like you to call me! I'm counting on you, 'kay, my sweet honeys?

Johnny, introducing himself to Maria Custard and Shizuka Masou.

About Edit

A Level God that has appeared in multiple different Alicesoft titles, acting as the personal Level God of a different character in each one.

He is a handsome man that dresses in blue clothing that resembles the kind worn by a jester, and carries a deck of playing cards with him at all times.

He is a laid back and smooth-talking man who believes that love is not limited by gender. As a result of this, he acts equally flirtatious towards both male and female clients, and refers to everyone he serves as "Sweet Honey" regardless of their gender. He generally serves as the personal Level God of women, but he has no problems with acting as one to a man.

He dislikes formality, and forces his clients to summon him by saying "Hey Johnny c'mon!" rather than the traditional Level God chant.


Johnny strips for his clients in the same way female Level Gods do.

Unusually for a male Level God, he employs the same technique of removing his clothing as his client levels up to incentivize them to continue gaining experience that female Level Gods do. This is not something that is required of him as it is in the case of female Level Gods, and he simply does it out of his own volition.

In the Rance Series, he serves as the personal Level God of Maria Custard and has to date only appeared in Rance IV during the section of the game where Maria led a search party to find Rance. He enjoys teasing Maria, who is easily flustered by his behavior.

His most notable appearance is in the Ouji-sama series of titles under Alicesoft's Alice Blue label, where he serves as the representative Level God of the series and the personal Level God of the protagonist Prince Canaan. Unlike Maria, Canaan is largely oblivious to Johnny's flirting.

He makes a third appearance in the game Persiom, where he serves as the Personal Level God for the game's sole female protagonist Princess Mishela, who reacts to him in a similar fashion to Maria, but is slightly more receptive of him.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the most reoccurring male Level God in any Alicesoft title, and is currently the only one that has been sexualized by the game he is featured in.
  • He is something of a male counterpart to Willis Fujisaki, wearing prominent blue clothing while she has distinct red hair and being relaxed and sexually promiscuous while she is uptight and fairly prudish.

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